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In this edition of WWJD, Joe Arrigo gives you the latest in college football news. He breaks down what happens now that the BIG-10 Conference has canceled football in the Fall and the PAC-12 following suit on Tuesday. He has a radical idea about what college football should do, and it involves breaking away from the NCAA and having a six conference, 80 team system that would give the players what they want and deserve. It also provides the schools with a chance to make billions of dollars.

Joe breaks down UNLV’s historic recruiting weekend and gets in-depth with his Rebels’ recruiting analysis, and why COVID-19 may end up being a good thing for UNLV Head Football Coach Marcus Arroyo. He breaks down the Golden Knights perfect start inside the NHL’s Round-Robin and previews the NHL playoffs.

Lastly, Joe gives you the WWJD WTF Story of the Day. It involves a Las Vegas sex shop, a $1,250 3-foot dildo, and a masked man walking out with it.


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WWJD Podcast Episode 4    WWJD Podcast Episode 4

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