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On this Wednesday’s edition of the WWJD Podcast, Joe Arrigo and Nyshon Zaragoza talk about the new recruit UNLV Football landed on Tuesday, local wide receiver Aaron Halloeway from Legacy High School. Joe and Ny get into the Raiders roster moves, Derek Carr’s new mamba mentality, what the offense will look like when Lynn Bowden Jr. is on the field and more.

In college football, TCU’s Gary Patterson is in hot water over comments he made to a player, and the Mountain West Conference finalized their schedule today. The MWC will play an 8 conference and 2 non-conference games schedule. One of the reasons for 2 non-conference games is to allow Air Force to play its Commander in Chief games w/Army & Navy. Lastly, Joe and Ny get into beer what you should add to it to give it a special taste!


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WWJD Podcast Episode 4    WWJD Podcast Episode 4

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