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WWJD #35: Inside UNLV Football’s Recruiting Weekend



This past weekend UNLV Football was able to show off their new digs to recruits in person finally. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the NCAA kept the recruiting dead period in effect until June 1st of 2021, making it impossible for the recruiting class of 2020 to see the Fertitta Football Complex and Allegiant Stadium in person.


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That changed last week Tuesday when UNLV head football coach Marcus Arroyo and staff started to welcome recruits from not just the Las Vegas valley but from around the country to Vegas. Coach Arroyo and his staff finally got the chance to show potential Rebel football players the $36 million football facility and the over $2 billion stadium they share with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Having the Fertitta Football Complex (FFC) and Allegiant Stadium are already helping the program in terms of recruiting. But under Coach Arroyo, the UNLV recruiting classes have gotten better and better, ranking near the top of the Mountain West Conference each of the past two seasons. Those two jewels in the war chest only enhance UNLV football and what it can potentially become. No other school in the country can boast that they have over $2 billion invested into their football program. When you add those two facilities with the NCAA allowing players to get compensated for their name, image, and likeness (NIL), a rule change coming into effect on July 1st, UNLV is an even bigger sleeping giant.

I have an exclusive, inside look at what went into the unofficial visits (UOV) over the weekend, who was there, and some of their thoughts about the visit.


The UOV Agenda:


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When the players and their families walked into the Fertitta Football Complex, they were greeted by every member of the football staff. As they entered the FFC, an excited and fired-up staff greeted them with handshakes, hugs, and some brief introductions as they walked past the Rebels uniforms on display. When they reached Coach Arroyo, the families were taken on a tour starting with the weight room and met with UNLV strength and conditioning coach Fyle.

After a presentation filled with emotion, passion, and coach Fyle’s fiery personality, the group moved on to the nutrition bar, barbershop, players lounge, locker room, equipment room, and training room. The recruits and their families were then taken upstairs to the academic center to meet with David Wedley, the Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services and Academic Eligibility Specialist for UNLV football. Wedley explained the academic plan for the students to reach the ultimate goal of graduating with a degree from UNLV.

Next, the recruits and their families visited the team meeting room, where the UNLV staff reintroduced themselves. The new Rebels offensive line coach TJ Woods set the tone when he announced, “I’m TJ Woods, and I coach the BIG BOYS!” that got the recruits and parents hyped. After the staff was done with their reintroductions, Coach Arroyo spoke and offered a brief Q&A period. He was very open with the families about UNLV’s direction and what he envisioned the Rebels football program would become. He was engaging and genuine, and the families appreciated his honesty. The recruits and their families were then shown the rest of the upper level of the FFC as each set met with Coach Arroyo for some one-on-one time.

The trip concluded with the players getting a chance to have a photo op in Rebels gear with their families and the coaching staff.


Confirmed Recruits who took UOVs :


Jaydn Ott 

Jahil McClain

Jaden Miava

Sir Mells

Ike Nnaykenyi

Anthony Jones

Michael Musanas

Cam Barfield 

Jonah Savaiinaea 

Laakea Kapoi

Jackson Holman

Jadus Stubbs

Shakir Collins


UNLV finally has the resources at thier disposal to land the type of recruits that can help turn the program around. Coach Arroyo and staff have shown that they are willing to go after big-time recruits who can play immediately by getting on the field sooner rather than later. The Fertitta Football Complex and Allegiant Stadium were critical components of turning UNLV into a football powerhouse. While there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, the program is trending in the right direction under the current staff with the type of players they are attracting.




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