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What does Franchise Sports Media do?


We are Las Vegas’ hometown sports news network covering the valley like never before. Vegas is quickly becoming a bonafide sports town with the early success of the Golden Knights and Aces and the arrival of the Las Vegas Raiders.

We are ushering in a new period in the rich history of our city, which further connects us to the global sports entertainment market. Franchise Sports Media is your hometown partner for everything that is Las Vegas sports.

What does Franchise Sports Media do? We cover UNLV, High School, and Pro sports in the Valley in a way that will keep you abreast of our hometown teams’ activities on and off the field, including player profiles and interviews, live scores, highlights, and other pertinent news as it happens.

In addition, our talented team of photographers and videographers is available for hire. We’ll come and shoot youth sports, private events, content videography, and pretty much anything else. You’ve seen Franchise Sports Media pictures on this site and across our social media pages. We do this!

Tune into this site for constantly updated new content, including photos, videos, interactive media, and more! Sign up for our mailing list to stay on top of events and other activities around the city that we will be covering.

Visit our team pages for schedules and scores of all Las Vegas teams. We’ll be rolling out new features on the site all the time, so watch this space! Also, be sure to click the links below to follow us on social media! Join The Franchise today!

We are Las Vegas Sports.

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