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Chris Gawlik’s New VGK Weekly Update – 7/13/2020 – Sounds


The cold air fills your lungs as you hear that crisp tape to tape pass. Pucks reverberate off the post. A heavy shot zips just past the net and hits the glass inches from where you are standing.  You share a nervous smile with the person standing next to you as you take a couple of steps back.  The players share playful banter and cheer as the goalie stacks the pads on a breakaway.



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Photo Credit: Terrance Quaites Franchise Sports Media

The sounds of hockey are very pure. There is nothing in the world that sounds like it. I am sure we have all been in a car accident or two. The sound of crunching steal is very distinct and hard to describe. The same goes for the sounds of hockey. It is hard to put into words what hockey sounds like.

There is nothing quite like experiencing a live hockey game, in my opinion. The crowd roars as impossible saves are made, bone-crushing hits are delivered, and goals are scored. The sounds from the crowd are very audible when watching on television as well. Whether you are watching live or on the TV, you can always hear and feel the emotion of the crowd.

We are just weeks away from the return of the National Hockey League. Twenty-four teams will compete in the post-season for a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, the players will be competing in mostly empty arenas. Obviously, there will be a letdown factor of not hearing the roar of the crowd when a big play is made, but at least hockey is returning.


The NHL has a chance to create a unique viewing experience when live play returns. The absence of the crowd will make it easier to experience the sounds of the game. Fans will learn more about the verbal and non-verbal communication that goes on between the players and coaches throughout the game. Many NHL plays are all about precise timing, which can all be started by a simple sound. Stick taps, coaches signaling from the bench, and players yelling will be much more prevalent.



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Photo Credit: Terrance Quaites Franchise Sports Media

I am expecting a bit of a beer league atmosphere. The empty stadium and empty seats… the benches will provide plenty of vocal support for the players on the ice. Expect to see the players stand up and cheer much more frequently.  I am curious to see what the microphones pick up from the benches. I am expecting a healthy combination of strategizing, cheers, and trash-talking!

I am really looking forward to the chirps during play and after whistles. Many social media stars will be born during the NHL’s post-season. Some great videos on YouTube show ten minutes plus of chirping back and forth. You would never catch that during a game due to the crowd noise. Vegas Golden Knights’ Ryan Reaves and Nick Cousins will provide plenty of entertainment and keep whoever presses the button in the truck when foul language is used busy!

The lack of crowd noise will open the opportunity for fans to appreciate the beautiful sounds of the game. The “discussions” after the whistles will be fun too.




NHL News and Notes



The NHL continues to get closer to the return of action with training camps officially opening today, June 13th. If all goes well, VGK will travel to their hub city on July 26th with games starting as early as August 1st. Early reports indicate that each hub city will host three games per day. That means that there will be six games per day of intense NHL post-season hockey. An absolute dream come true for any hardcore hockey fan! In Vegas, that means hockey from the moment you wake up until just after dinner time!

Photo Credit: Henderson Silver Knights

Things are starting to take shape for the maiden voyage of the Henderson Silver Knights. The team’s official practice facility, Lifeguard Arena, is on track for an October 1st opening. This week fans with season ticket deposits will get to visit the Orleans Arena to select their seats. HSK will play two seasons at the Orleans Arena and shift to the Henderson Events Center for the 2022-2023 season.




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