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FSM Essential Recap: VGK vs Stars – Western Conference Finals – Game 3



The Vegas Golden Knights dropped a heartbreaker to the Dallas Stars 3-2 in overtime.


VGK vs Stars
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Jaime Oleksiak scored the game’s first goal on a breakaway with seventeen seconds left in the second period. Shea Theodore scored on the powerplay early in the third to tie it up. Jaime Benn scored the five-hole on Robin Lehner with just over twelve minutes remaining in the third. Alex Tuch was able to score on a wrist shot that beat Anton Khudobin. Dallas would challenge the goal, and it was determined there was “incidental” contact between Khudobin and Mark Stone. The goal would stand, and VGK would go back on the powerplay.

Unfortunately, they could not convert, and the teams would need overtime to sort it out. Alexander Radulov only needed thirty-one seconds to score and give the Stars a 2-1 series lead.

Each of the three goals scored by the Stars was on breakaways. Brayden McNabb and Nate Schmidt were on the ice for the Stars’ final two goals. The last goal was ugly. The play started normally. Reilly Smith carried the puck up the right boards and had it poked away. Dallas turned up ice, and for whatever reason, Schmidt was on the right side of the redline, and McNabb was on the right side of the blueline. Joe Pavelski slides it over to a streaking Radulov and game over.

Mr. DeBoer stated after the game, “I don’t pin either of those on our defensemen. Part of that is we’ve got to manage the puck knowing that, and that was a bit of an issue.”

Part of a coach’s job is to protect his players. I do not expect him to run the bus over anyone, at least not in a public format. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Mr. DeBoer and Ryan McGill meet after the game. You can not give great players opportunities like VGK gave Dallas last night. Credit Dallas for making the most of it, credit VGK for helping Dallas make the most of it.


Dallas won game one with scoring just one goal.  VGK dominated game two.


Dallas won a tightly contested game three in which Vegas had three defensive breakdowns. Vegas did not necessarily dominate the game, but they outshot Dallas forty to twenty-three. Credit Khudobin for making about five game-saving saves.


VGK vs Stars
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What is the outlook for the next four games, assuming the series goes all seven?

The glass is half full for one team and half-empty for the other. What is in each glass is the key.  Glass “V” is half full Jack and ginger-ale. I am in no hurry to drink it. The first sip is just as good as the last sip. There is just the right amount of ice to keep it cool and not enough to water it down as the ice melts.

Glass “D” is a half-empty Long Island Iced Tea that the bartender put no effort into managing portion control. Instead of one ounce of lemon juice, the bartender used two and a half ounces. Instead of a superior brand of Tequila, the bartender used something you find on the bottom shelf at Smith’s in a plastic bottle.

Once the glass is half empty, you are excited because you only have half the drink to go. Put merely, VGK has been the better team through three games. This has not been as one-sided as games four, five, and six against Vancouver. But Vegas is better than Dallas. They just need to button it up a bit.


I do not expect any lineup changes for game four.  Lehner was great in net and besides the breakdowns, VGK had a solid effort.  Wash this one down with a nice Jack and ginger-ale, Long Island Iced Tea, or whatever your drink of choice is.  Saturday will be here soon enough.


Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars series and T.V. schedule:


Game 1 – Stars 1, VGK 0

Game 2 – VGK 3, Stars 0

Game 3- Stars 3, VGK 2 (OT)

Game 4 – Saturday – 5 p.m.  (NBC)

Game 5 – Sept. 14 – 5 p.m.  (NBCSN)

*Game 6 – Sept. 16 – 5 p.m.  (NBCSN)

*Game 7 – Sept. 18 – 6 p.m.  (NBCSN)

*If necessary



The magic number for the Golden Knights to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup remains at 7. 


Go Knights Go!

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