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This week on The Franchise Podcast, Joe Arrigo, TQ, and Nyshon Zaragoza take a deep dive into COVID-19 and the impact it has had on college football. What would the guys have done, and what should the NCAA and colleges do to ensure safety for their players? Are the conferences that are going to play right in making that decision, or is it a money grab? The guys debate it. Joe said COVID-19 has helped UNLV football and their new head coach Marcus Arroyo, TQ wants Joe to explain his unorthodox way of thinking.

While the Lakers and the Golden Knights both are in the playoffs, Joe has more confidence in one of those teams than the other. Find out who and if T.Q. agrees with him. Raiders training camp update, a historic V.P. candidate picked and the NBA’s most underrated player Dame Lillard vs. the Clippers Paul George and Patrick Beverly. You’d be surprised at what they say and to whom they compare one of the players!


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