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In this episode of The Franchise Sports Podcast, Joe Arrigo, TQ, and Nyshon Zaragoza tackle college football. Football players in the Pac-12 Conference are attempting to form a union to ensure their safety from Covid-19 and fair treatment by the NCAA since they do not believe in Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott. Do the guys agree with them and what would they do if they were in their shoes?

MLB has issued new guidelines for teams amidst their COVID outbreak which has canceled or postpones games, did MLB drop the ball, and is it too late for them to create stronger restrictions for players and coaches? The NFL lost one of their top young players who decided to opt-out of the season due to COVID. Is the NFL doing enough to keep its players safe? The Lakers secured the Western Conference’s top seed, but TQ and Joe are worried about them going forward, should they be? Lastly, Ny asks the question, is Ja or Zion the NBA’s top rookie? You’d be surprised at what they say and to whom they compare one of the players!


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