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In this episode of The Franchise Podcast, Franchise Sports Media co-founders Joe Arrigo and TQ debate the latest happenings in the world of sports. Hosted by Nyshon Zaragoza, the FSM Podcast dives into the Dodgers bean brawl war with the Houston (Tr)Astros, and why MLB is to blame. It’s opening night in the NBA’s restart and the Lakers take on the Clippers. Joe and TQ debate why Joe is not fearful of the Clippers while TQ says Joe is crazy. They also talk about hot wings, Magic City, and Lou Williams.

The guys tell you why it’s important to have a plan in place if your child plays youth sports and why they would or wouldn’t allow their kids to play. Who would Ny, TQ, and Joe risk it all for (in the bubble)? You’d be surprised by their answers. They applaud the new hire by UNLV, welcoming Dr. Whitfield as the new school president, and they tell you why the Raiders are unmatched with their charitable efforts for the community in which they reside.


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