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FSM Exclusive: The Franchise 50 – Las Vegas High School Football Combine Recap


Imagine waking up every morning at 5 AM, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast or throwing back a protein shake, then heading out for a workout. When you get back home you shower, and get ready ready for school. After your classes you got to practice or another workout with your football team then head home to eat dinner, study and repeat your daily routine you’ve been doing for three years.


The Franchise 50
Photo Credit: Trisha LaCoste / Franchise Sports Media

But then it’s all gone. There is no more getting up running in the wee hours of the morning. No more working out with your teammates or coaches. No more being in a classroom or at school. No more games. That was what the Class of ’21 high school football players throughout the Las Vegas valley had to deal with this past season. All the hard work they put in over the past 3 offseasons, the blood, sweat, and tears all was all for not as the NIAA canceled the 2020 high school football season due to COVID-19.

The impact for most hit close to home when it came to recruiting. Those players who needed their senior season to help generate the recruiting buzz for themselves had it taken away, which left them scrambling to find ways to get college eyes on them. That left the players, coaches, and their families stressed, disappointed, pissed off, and depressed, to say the least.

With the NCAA allowing players to transfer one time without sitting out a season, it became increasingly tough for high school football players to find a home. College football had free agency and the coaches decided that they would use a certain amount of scholarships for high school kids and the others for transfers. It put the high school players in a tough situation. Not only were they being recruited off their junior season tape, they now had to compete with players who, in some cases, had already played three seasons in college and could help right away.


Franchise Sports Media and The Institute of Human Performance felt an obligation to the Las Vegas community to try and help these athletes. We wanted to reward them for their hard work and see where they are and what they need to improve on.


The Franchise 50
Photo Credit: Trisha LaCoste / Franchise Sports Media

On Saturday, February 13th, the first annual Franchise 50 powered by The Institute of Human Performance took place at the Institute located off 215 and Buffalo. Over 50 of Las Vegas’ best high school football players came and competed in the Franchise 50 Combine. Coaches and athletes that already committed to programs also came by to be interviewed about their (non) season and talk about the impact not playing had on them and their programs.

Sean Manuel, the IoHP Director of Human Performance, was the architect of the drills the players did. Manny and former NFL defensive back coach and USC Trojan Dechon Burns, Elite 11 quarterback coach Drew Aumavae, and trainers from the IoHP put the players through combine drills. The combine was broken up into three groups, offensive and defensive, defensive skill positions, and offensive skill positions. No times were made public; they were emailed to the players to have a baseline to build off of.

The entire event was broadcast on Franchise Sports Media’s streaming sites. Families could watch the event on along with the FSM YouTube, FaceBook, Periscope, and Twitch pages. I, along with TQ,  hosted the event with special guests hosts The Vegas Circle. We were joined by Centennial High School head football coach Dustin Forshee, Las Vegas High School football coach Erick Capetillo, former UNLV head women’s basketball coach Jim Bolla, high school players Gerrick Robinson, Evan Olaes, Jaydn Ott, and UNLV running back Charles Williams. CEO of the Institute Jesse Halberstadt, coach Manuel, and coach Burns also sat down with us to discuss the day’s events.


The lineman got the day started at 10 am, followed by the skill positions at 12:30 pm and 3 pm respectively.


The Franchise 50
Photo Credit: Trisha LaCoste / Franchise Sports Media

The lineman was put through specific drills that were designed for their positions. Coach Burns had the defensive lineman, and they were working. Burns, a former USC Trojan defensive back, was coaching them on technique and giving them jewels about life. A player that stood out to me was Legacy High School defensive end Trevor Moser. He may have been the most impressive player at the combine. He looked explosive and displayed very good fundamentals.

With the offensive lineman, a player that stood out was junior offensive lineman Cooper Teague from Arbor View High School. The massive center (or guard) transferred to the Aggies from Liberty High School and should strength, quickness, and power during the drills. The coaches selected both Moser and Teague to get interviewed exclusively by me after the combine and doing a live interview while the combine was taking place.

The skill-position groups were just as impressive. A few offensive players that stood out were Centennial quarterback Colton Tenney and Las Vegas’s quarterback Ja’Shawn Scroggins. Both players showed that they have been working out during this past year and at or near the top of every drill they took part in. All four of these players are also perfect examples of how the football season’s cancelation affected their recruiting.

Scroggins is either the top quarterback in Las Vegas or a very close second to Olaes depending on who you talk to. He was poised to have a breakout year last year and would have most likely been receiving Power-5 offers. Tenney is also a player that would’ve garnered more attention if the season would’ve been played. Teague has another year to play, but he would have multiple Power-5 offers by now since he has the size, strength, and speed that teams want their interior lineman to have.


The Franchise 50 powered by The Institute of Human Performance was a success all the way around. Atheltes were able to get out of the house and compete with other athletes. Coaches were able to see which players have been working, and everyone had a great time. This is just the first, as another will be anounced soon. Keep tapping into the Franchise!

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