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FSM Recap: Shakur Stevenson vs. Artem Harutyunyan


Shakur Stevensonm, fighting in front of his hometown crowd, cruised to victory in what could be his final fight under Top Rank Boxing.


In his first fight of the year, Shakur Stevenson (22-0, 10 KOs) stays undefeated and defends his WBC lightweight title. Stevenson defeats Artem Harutyunyan (12-2, 7 KOs) in a technical performance. Stevenson succeeded in winning his last fight under Top Rank, but the promotion succeeded in lowering the boxer’s value.


Main Event – Shakur Stevenson vs. Artem Harutyunyan


Shakur Stevenson vs Artem Harutyunyan | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Starting in round one, both fighters began the match slow. Stevenson played more defense than offense. He also kept his distance and looked for reads. Harutyunyan, on the other hand, was more active. He bounced in and out of Stevenson’s range. Though Harutyunyan didn’t land much, he made the champion struggle to read his moves. Nothing much happened, but Harutyunyan looked to be more active.

The same thing happened throughout the majority of round two. The only significant difference was Stevenson landed a clean hit near the end of the round. However, Harutyunyan looked to have won round two as well.

Round three continued the same story as the previous ones. Harutyunyan’s pace and distance changes gave Stevenson problems. Plus, Stevenson was too passive. The Newark crowd was annoyed with their champion’s lack of action, resulting in them booing the fight. After that, Stevenson went on the offensive. He utilized his jab to distract Harutyunyan, and then he would throw his left. He landed a couple more shots until Harutyunyan tried to rally with a few of his own to finish the round strong. 

This would not continue into round four, as Stevenson found his rhythm and put more pressure on the challenger. The two would have a back-and-forth moment, but Stevenson won the sequence. He landed a couple more clean shots as Harutyunyan slowed down. Stevenson finished the round strong. He returned to the corner and said, “I’m going to finish him!

At the start of round five, Harutyunyan landed a good sequence, but Stevenson took over. He landed everything while evading his opponent’s offense. He finished the round with 21 punches thrown and would do it again in round six, where his left hand would keep finding its target. Harutyunyan tried to rally a few hits, but Stevenson would counter with a nice uppercut. He also landed a couple of body shots that were leaving major damage. Stevenson was in the driver’s seat, and Harutyunyan couldn’t stop it. This would continue to stay the same into round seven.


Shakur Stevenson vs Artem Harutyunyan | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Now Stevenson was in control; the announcing crew wanted him to put on the pressure and finish this fight. The task proved difficult as Harutyunyan used hit-and-run tactics to throw him off balance. Stevenson was defending well, but he wasn’t throwing much. Frustrated, he would start to rally the pressure in round nine. Stevenson landed multiple clean body shots that hurt Harutyunyan. Stevenson would win the round but needed to finish with a strong performance. 

As round ten began, Harutyunyan let loose. He wasn’t going down without a fight and didn’t want Stevenson to finish him. Stevenson didn’t mind much as he felt like he’d won the match. The champion would win rounds 11 and 12 but looked passive till the end.

The fight ended with Shakur Stevenson winning by majority decision. He would retain his WBC lightweight title and keep his undefeated record. This was his final fight under his Top Rank contract, which makes him a free agent. Though this should be a big win for him, it’s not. Top Rank got what they wanted. They lowered Stevenson’s value so they or the competition wouldn’t have to sign him to a bigger contract. He won the fight, but by no means did he have a dominant performance. He was too passive as he didn’t look for the finish.

Harutyunyan should’ve gone down before the tenth round, and worst of all was the crowd’s reaction. Stevenson was getting booed, people left before the fight finished, and this happened in his hometown. This will impact his value when he and his team begin contract talks. How does it play out? We’ll have to wait and see.


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