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New FSM Essential Recap: UNLV vs New Mexico – Week 5

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UNLV Rebels (4-1)  |  New Mexico Lobos (2-3)


UNLV rallies to overcome a 17-point deficit and defeats New Mexico 31-20. UNLV now moves to a 4-1 record and sits towards the top of the Mountain West standings.


A shocking start puts UNLV on its back feet. 


UNLV vs New Mexico
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New Mexico started the game with a nine-play, 71-yard drive that resulted in a Miles Kendrick rushing touchdown. Much like the Utah State and North Texas match-ups, the UNLV defense started slow, giving up points on the opponent’s first possessions. 

Doug Brumfield and the Rebels would have an arduous first two drives to start this game after a three-and-out. Nick Williams, in replacement for the injured Kyle Williams, would fumble on a catch-and-run to set up a Kendrick rushing touchdown, his second of the game. The Lobos would close out the first quarter with a 14-point lead.

To open up the second quarter, UNLV’s defense would hold the Lobos to three, extending their lead to the largest deficit thus far on the season for UNLV, 17-0. After a diving catch by Senika McKie, the Rebels were set up inside the 20-yard line looking to strike for six. Instead, a bad snap led to a sack, and UNLV settled for three, cutting the lead to 17-3. 

Jordyn Morgan would intercept Kendrick in the middle of the second quarter. This turnover would turn into another Rebel field goal from Daniel Gutierrez to make the score 17-6, as the Rebels struggled to find the end-zone in the first half. 

The UNLV defense would start to build off their previous forced turnover and find themselves in the Lobo’s backfield, making them punt and setting up Brumfield to shorten the Lobo lead. Once again, to close out the half, Brumfield would be under pressure on a 3rd down, and the Rebels would settle for another field goal. The Lobos would take a 17-9 lead into the half. 


UNLV’s defense ignites offensive success


UNLV vs New Mexico
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UNLV began the second half with the ball, and they would go three-and-out as the Lobo pressure kept showing up on third downs forcing Brumfield into either difficult throws or being sacked. Defensively, the Rebels’ strong unit would begin to see the impacts of Jerrae Williams, as he and this unit would give Brumfield another chance to trim the deficit.  

This time, it was a drive that saw coach Marcus Arroyo leave his offense out there for a fourth-down conversion that would be converted on a Brumfield scramble. This would lead to another quarterback scamper for their game’s first touchdown. UNLV would then go for the two-point conversion, where Brumfield would float a beautiful ball to Ricky White to tie the game at 17. 

The UNLV defense can be credited with giving Arroyo more confidence in tight fourth-down situations to leave his offense out to reap the rewards while relying on the defense given the risk. “The way the defense is playing right now gives me a lot of confidence to be able to make calls like that in critical situations,” said Arroyo. 

A following nine-play Lobo drive would be held to a field goal attempt, and George Steinkamp would miss the kick wide right, keeping the score at 17-17. UNLV would then take the opportunity to march down the field and, with some help from two costly Lobo penalties, be in a prime position to take the lead. 


UNLV’s chemistry and togetherness show down the stretch. 


UNLV vs New Mexico
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Aiden Robbins did not put together the incredible numbers as he did the last time he ran on home turf. Yet, Robbins was a workhorse on the ground taking the lumps from a physical defensive front. When it was time to give the Rebels their first lead of the game, Robbins provided a three-yard touchdown which brought the score to 24-17 to start the fourth quarter. 

The UNLV defense would give up a deep pass play but find a way to bend and not break. Steinkamp was able to make up for his previous miss on his last attempt, bringing the lead back within four for New Mexico. 

Both teams started to lock in defensively down the stretch, getting after the quarterbacks and creating a very chippy environment down on the field. At the 8:09 mark in the fourth quarter, Brumfield was scrambling to his left when he took a massive hit from Cody Moon along the UNLV sideline. Brumfield would be okay, yet this hit fired up both benches and saw the UNLV squad ready to defend their star sophomore.

Two plays later, Brumfield would throw an interception going for the endzone to McKie. This would begin the biggest drive of the entire game for New Mexico, and the Lobos would go three-and-out as UNLV’s defense was able to keep the crisis averted. 

From there, UNLV would kill some clock and give the Lobos one last shot to come down for the lead and potentially the win. This proven defensive unit once again would close the game with a Cameron Oliver pick-six to ensure a 31-20 victory. 


UNLV is now 4-1 for the first time since 2003. They will be back on the road next week to take on the San Jose State Spartans. 


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