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New FSM Essential Recap: UFC 271


UFC 271 is in the books, and the king of the hill remains.


UFC 271
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The headliner saw a rematch in the middleweight division between Robert Whittaker, looking to reclaim his title against the one who took it from him, Israel Adesanya.

After five grueling rounds, Izzy saw his hand raised once again as the victor. Adesanya (23-1 ) utilized his variety of weapons to unleash an offensive attack on his challenger. Leg kicks, counter strikes, and body shots, the champion showed why he is on a different level at 185lbs. Whether it’s moving forward or countering, Izzy is able to show time and time again why he is such an exceptional athlete and a superstar in the making. His popularity continues to rise as fans become more and more accustomed to seeing the champion display greatness inside the octagon.

Whittaker (23-6) came in looking to recapture his title but fell just short on the scorecards. A valiant effort that saw The Reaper take his time with his attack, press forward when needed, and apply a more grappling-based offense to keep the world-class striker off balance. Whittaker, who has power in his punches, wasn’t able to find the mark and never seemed to put the champion in any real harm’s way outside of some takedowns.


UFC 271
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At one point, Whittaker was able to take the back of the champion as he stood up and was against the fence with a possible standing rear-naked choke. Izzy fought off the position. From there, it was much of the same. While Whittaker is clearly the second-best middleweight fighter in the division, Izzy is just on another level above him.

Two warriors who take great pride in their work inside the octagon are a fantastic matchup to see square off. With Izzy now 2-0 against the Australian, Whittaker would need to do some clearing out of the division with some impressive wins if he sees himself in the cage again for a third time with the champion.

Izzy has stated he will start lapping the competition and picking guys off one by one again. But before he could continue his run against former opponents, a new one emerged on the card as fellow middleweight contender Jared Cannonier (15-5 10 KOS ) earned himself a number one contenders bout later in the year after picking up his own victory earlier in the night.


The co-main delivered a knockout finish and a unique celebration.


UFC 271
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The co-main event saw Derek Lewis (26-9) slug it out with Tai Tuivasa (14-3 13KOs). Two knockout artists doing battle, this one had a knockout finish written all over it. The hometown hero, Lewis, who holds the record for most UFC knockouts (13), was looking to extend his record and give Houston something to cheer about.

While the matchup spelled a highlight finish, the two heavyweights saw themselves exchanging grappling moves early as if to try and throw the other one-off their game. Moments of reverting to what they know saw the two throw caution to the wind and go for the big swing. Bombs were landed, but both men stood tall at the end of round one.

In the second, Tui put together a combination that startled Lewis and backed up the Texan. In hot pursuit, Tui didn’t let up and found a home for a right then left. Against the cage, Tui landed a short right elbow right on the jawline of Lewis, which saw him slump over and fall face-first to the mat. Not the victor the home fans wanted, but it was a finish we were all promised when this bout was announced.

Traditionally, Tui would celebrate his win by doing a shoey (pouring beer into a shoe then chugging it down). With his fifth win in a row, all by knockout, and his third performance of the night in a row, Tui looks to have himself in prime position to challenge for the heavyweight title in the near future.

Another excellent fight card is in the books as the UFC continues to entertain fantastic showings one after the other. Whether we are watching champions, former champions, title contenders, or up and comers, the UFC will continue to give us entertaining events to enjoy.


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