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FSM Essential Recap: Lights FC vs Rising FC- Game 2

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A pair of goals from winger Daniel Trejo and midfielder Alvaro Quezada in front of an ecstatic Vegas crowd secured a 2-1 win for the Lights FC in a very feisty affair.


Lights FC vs Rising FC
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The Las Vegas Lights faced off against Phoenix Rising FC in their home debut of the 2022 season. Let’s just say they did not disappoint at all! The Lights came out with a few changes from their season-opening lineup against New Mexico United, where they fell 2-0 short. 

Alejandro Lara started in the center back instead of midfield as Dekel Keinan’s replacement, Morten Bjorshol, played at right-back, instead of Quezada, who started in the midfield which worked out well overall. Other switch-ups for this match included Jorge Almaguer in place of Lara and Frank Daroma, while Daniel Musovski played up top as Christian Torres’ replacement. 

Trejo, Lara, Quezada, Cal Jennings, Daniel Crisostomo, Antonio Leone, Tomas Romero, and Mohamed Traore all kept their starting positions going into the game. 

Traore had a phenomenal game, beating Marcus Epps on nearly every occasion down the left side and forcing him to lose the ball 20 times.  In only 64 minutes, he caused the most dispossessions from a Phoenix forward, leading to Epps being subbed out of the game.

Trejo was also an absolute magician down the left side, playing an unreal and awe-inspiring game. He put the Lights’ first points on the scoreboard in the 12th minute of the match also assisted Quezada for the second goal in the 68th minute, with both goals coming from counter-attacks.


The defense and the big man in goal, Romero, also came up huge for the Lights during this match.


Lights FC vs Rising FC
Photo Credit: Lights FC

Despite Phoenix controlling the game with 60% possession and scoring off an unlucky turnover, the Vegas’ backline stood firm and would not let them breathe on the attack. The Lights had three goal-line clearances and did great in controlling an extremely physical Phoenix side. 

Despite phenomenal plays by individual players and a secured 3 points, this was not the best we’ve seen of the Lights. There were still a few things they could have done better. 

As mentioned earlier, Phoenix had 60% possession in the first and second half of the game. The Lights could’ve shown more control of the game by being calmer on the ball and not relying on last-ditch effort clearances, but they made up for that by being fast, efficient, and punishing on their counterattacks.

If anything, the Lights could have decreased the possession time Phoenix held in this game. They also had a few pretty clear opportunities to score that they did not capitalize on during the match.

 Jennings was a bit sloppy when it came to his finishing, which is entirely unlike the strategic player fans are used to seeing. Still, he held down his position throughout the game and made space for the wingers to make runs on the counterattacks, which ultimately led to the Lights gaining the lead and the victory.

The fans were as energetic and optimistic as ever, while the Lights looked very dangerous and renovated in both their defensive and offensive game. They continue to learn from their mistakes compared to the season opener, and hopefully, they will continue to adapt, elevate, and bring home more wins during the rest of the season.


The Lights are in action again on Wednesday, March 23rd, when they face off against El Paso Locomotive in Texas. Be sure to catch this matchup at 6:00 pm PT, only on ESPN+.

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-Murad Omaish – Franchise Sports Media

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