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New FSM Essential Recap: Lakers vs Heat- Game 47

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Los Angeles Lakers (23-24)  | Miami Heat (30-17)


The Los Angeles Lakers nearly came back from a 26-point deficit on Sunday, as they fell to the Miami Heat 113-107.


Lakers vs Heat
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With talk of the return of Anthony Davis possibly taking place soon, the Lakers missed him in this one. Kendrick Nunn was also spotted shooting before the game, but his return has not been confirmed. All we know is “it’ll be worth the wait,” as he mentioned in a tweet earlier this season, and at this point, Laker Nation can only hope he’s right.

The Lakers would take the lead early on, scoring from Avery Bradley and Russel Westbrook, but the buzz was quickly murdered. Duncan Robinson would then lead a 10-0 run, followed almost consecutively by a 7-0 run led by Bam Adebayo. With the Heat up by 18, at 32-14, Malik Monk would finally hit a three for the Lakers. From there, a Carmelo Anthony turnover would shut down the momentum of a possible run for the Lakers, as they genuinely looked lost in the early minutes.

James and Monk would trim the lead down to 10 with layups as the first quarter wound down. It was a nightmare of a quarter for the Lakers at the end of the day; however, one last three would put the Heat up 14 heading into the 2nd. Six turnovers in the first quarter for the Lakers helped lead to this mess, as the Miami offense was rolling on their mistakes.

The 2nd quarter would prove more of the same for the Lakers, as the Lakers would find themselves down by 20 in the first few minutes. Stanley Johnson and Carmelo Anthony would both hit from three to seemingly cut the deficit for a short while, but Robinson continued to get it done from the ark for the Heat, however, as his 4-6 shooting gave him 16 first-half points. With the deficit sitting at 24 for Los Angeles, they would get eight quick points from James to end the half. At the end of the half, the lead was at 17 for the Heat, as the Lakers locker room fumed at the break.

While James had 18 points in the half again for the Lakers, their perimeter defense needed to improve. With Duncan Robinson the leading scorer in the half for Miami, they were 11-17 from three, giving them the commanding lead. Bad shots by Trevor Ariza and Westbrook were undoubtedly a factor as well, as Frank Vogel found himself with another tough decision concerning their minutes in the second half.


James was the only player to show up again for the Lakers, as their first half deficit was purely disappointing at 69-52.


Lakers vs Heat
Photo Credit: Lynne Sladky/AP

The Lakers would get a signature Alley-Oop dunk from James to start the half, but the struggles would more than continue. Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo would find their hot hand, as they helped maintain the lead at 20 for Miami in the early 3rd quarter. The Lakers would then get two threes from Avery Bradley, and believe it or not, Wayne Ellington made an appearance to hit one as well.

This would be the only positive takeaway from the quarter for the Lakers, as they entered the 4th with a sizeable deficit. The Lakers looked to go on a miracle run in the 4th, as this NBA finals rematch proved quite annoying for Laker fans.

With the largest lead of the night at 26 points for the Heat, the Lakers began to pull back from their deficit in the 4th. As Avery Bradley hit a three to cut the lead to 20, the Lakers would go on a 7-0 run in light of a possible comeback. With the lead sitting at 14, Carmelo Anthony and Avery Bradley would hit from three to cut it to an 8-point lead. Westbrook would then cut the lead to 5 with just under 3 minutes to play. As the final minutes played out, it seemed like the Lakers would come back in this one.

Lebron James would reach 33 points as he cut the lead to 4 with under a minute to go. As the game intensified, the Lakers had possession with a chance to make it a one-score game, but a frustrating offensive foul call on Avery Bradley stopped the roll. The Heat would be able to close the game out with a victory, and sadly for Laker nation, that offensive foul call killed their chances due to not having enough time on the clock. While it looked like Bradley was trying to get out of the way, there was still enough contact to justify the call.

While it was a significant disappointment the comeback never came to fruition, it’s important to remember just how down bad the Lakers were in the first three quarters. The struggles have been late-game for most of the season for Los Angeles but had they had a better first half, the result may have been in the Lakers’ favor. Lebron extended his 25-point game streak while capturing another double-double, but this loss puts them under .500 once again. Without Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant, the Lakers look to put away the Nets on Tuesday as they await Anthony Davis’ imminent return.

The Lakers will be in Brooklyn Tuesday to continue this 7-game road trip and face the Nets. The game can be seen on TNT at 4:30 p.m.

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