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New FSM Feature: Raiders Mock Draft v2.0

Franchise Sports Media

The NFL Draft is around the corner, and the Raiders have some needs, but which way will they go to fill them? Will they trade up, trade back, or stand pat? Joe Arrigo does his final mock draft with an unexpected twist.


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It’s draft season, and the Las Vegas Raiders have some interesting decisions to make in the 2024 NFL Draft.

What direction should new general manager Tom Telesco go?

Should he trade up for the new franchise signal caller? Should he draft the QB later? Should Telesco continue to build a bully of a defense?  What about the right tackle position? Should he target that need before taking a quarterback?

Decisions, decisions.

Everybody knows the Raiders have a need at quarterback, even with the signing of Gardner Minshew and having Aidan O’Connell on the roster. Will they try to trade up for their reported desired target in LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, or will they stand pat and pick the best player available at #13? Lastly, will they trade back to accumulate more picks and then pick up the quarterback later in the draft?

For this exercise, I went on Pro Football Network’s mock draft simulator. I chose only the Raiders, and I was able to make trades. I decided to go into this draft simulator and decide that based on the first two picks of the draft; it would give me the direction I wanted to go in round 1. 

Every draft has tough decisions to make, and in this mock, that was also the case. I would have to choose between the top cornerback in this draft, Terrion Arnold, or one of the top offensive linemen in this draft. What about landing the new franchise signal caller? Could I do that and still build a bully defense?

Find out the answer in my Raiders mock draft  v2.0 right here! 


Raider Mock Draft v2.0

Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Graphic Credit: Pro Football Network


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Darren Yamashita/USA TODAY Sports

Round 1 (#13):

Taliese Fuaga – Offensive TackleOregon State:

Fuaga is a blue-chip and top-10 prospect on my 2024 NFL Draft board. He ranks alongside Joe AltOlu Fashanu, and JC Latham as one of the top tackle prospects in the 2024 class, and he could rival Latham for the title of best right tackle.

Latham would be the class’ superlative power generator if it weren’t for Fuaga. Fuaga’s punches have absurd knock-back power. Almost effortlessly, he can generate enough force to leave his opponent’s balance in shambles, and with his power drive, he’s a menacing space blocker.

Fuaga’s elite power and elite explosiveness serve as high-ceiling traits, but Fuaga is much more refined and actionable as a Day 1 NFL starter than he gets credit for.

Fuaga maximizes his power component in the run game with sharp angle awareness, urgency, smooth hinge flexibility, and a finisher’s mentality.

Meanwhile, as a pass protector, Fuaga has a strong foundation with his balance, leverage acquisition, and ability to stay square. He’s disciplined with his footwork, and his tape shows bright flashes of independent hand usage, combative synergy, and precision.

On tape, there aren’t too many glaring questions with Fuaga. His length, while exceptional, isn’t quite elite, and neither is his hip flexibility. But the biggest question will be whether or not he can switch to left tackle at the NFL level.

My take is that, while he lacks experience, Fuaga has the coordination, balance, athleticism, and natural leverage acquisition to move to the left side if needed. He can be a scheme-versatile impact starter at either spot with Pro Bowl and All-Pro upside. – Ian Cummings PFN


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: University of Washington Athletics

Round 2 (#33) via trade with Panthers:

Michael Penix Jr. – QuarterbackWashington:

Penix fell to the top of round 2, and I immediately made an offer to Carolina. I traded the Raiders’ second-round picks in 2024 and 2025 to move up to select the future franchise signal caller. To be clear, I HIGHLY DOUBT he falls out of Day 1, but if he does, with Fuaga locked in as my top pick, this was a no-brainer. 

Off of film, Penix Jr. graded out as a late first-round or early Day 2 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft and a potential top-five QB prospect.

Drake MayeCaleb Williams, and Jayden Daniels make up the top three, and J.J. McCarthy and Bo Nix are heavy contenders for the next two spots. That said, Penix has the tools and the high operational floor to generate interest as a franchise QB candidate if his medicals check out.

Medicals have always been, and will continue to be, the biggest wild card for Penix and his 2024 NFL Draft projection. Penix tore his ACL in 2018 and 2020 and also suffered separate shoulder joint injuries in 2019 and 2021, one of which was in his throwing shoulder.

Medical evaluations at the NFL Combine, conducted independently by each NFL team, will help determine the prognosis surrounding Penix’s projected durability and longevity. But all it takes is one team to clear him, and he can go in Round 1, where his grade deems him worthy of consideration.

Simply put, if Penix’s medicals are not an issue, there is little stopping him from being a Round 1 pick, and with more development, he could go on to be a successful NFL starter.

On the field, there is much to like about Penix’s game. He’s a fearless gunslinger with elite drive velocity and arm talent, which he uses to consistently fit passes into tight windows — windows he can pick out with his patience, field vision, and processing ability.

Take away the big-play generation and risk propensity; you’re still left with a quality distributor. Penix’s situational precision can improve at times, but he’s generally an accurate passer with excellent pocket management, discretion, and opportunity identification. And when he needs to put the team on his back, he can do so with his competitive toughness.

At his peak, and if he can stay healthy, Penix could be a Matthew Stafford-type passer at the NFL level. He’s a quality pocket operator with functional mobility who can carve defenses at all levels with his velocity, angle freedom, surgical vision, and predatory passing instincts, and he’s a competitor his teammates can rally around. – Ian Cummings PFN


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports

Round 3 (#77):

Braden FiskeDTFlorida State:

Fiske graded out as a priority Day 3 prospect on my 2024 NFL Draft board, who could feasibly earn mid-to-late Day 2 interest with a strong Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

At around 6’3″, 297 pounds, with visibly below-average arm length, poor overall flexibility, and advanced age as a 24-year-old rookie, Fiske has a few cosmetic factors working against him. But one trait of his will win over evaluators across the board: His motor.

Choose whatever analogy you want. He’s got that dog mentality but takes it up a notch. He eats nails for breakfast. However you want to describe it, Fiske’s motor is unhinged. He wants it more on every play than his opponent, which can make the difference.

Fiske’s hyper-elite motor makes him a formidable playmaking threat on every down, but his profile offers appeal beyond that, too. Despite his average size and mass, he has good overall play strength and leverage in run defense and carries menacing shock in his hands.

Meanwhile, as a pass rusher, Fiske has superb initial explosiveness and snap timing, a formidable power profile, hands that are always active and combative, and the closing speed and urgency to make the most of lanes to the QB.

Fiske’s lack of flexibility detracts from his upside, but the Florida State DT still has impressive alignment versatility. In his time with the Seminoles, he set the edge at 5-tech, stunted across angled paths from 5-tech and 1-tech, and won 1-on-1 up the B-gap against guards in the 3-tech position.

Ultimately, Fiske is an immediate rotational asset in a defensive line rotation, with explosiveness, strength, power, energy, and violent hands that can be disruptive in both phases. He has enough in his toolbox to be a solid starter. – Ian Cummings PFN


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Abbie Parr/AP

Round 4 (#112):

Braelon Allen – RBWisconsin:

Allen graded out as an early-to-mid Day 3 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. He has excellent size and production, but his profile isn’t as upside-laden or all-encompassing as that production would suggest, and he could be drowned out by more versatile RB prospects in the 2024 class.

Conceptually, Allen brings plenty to like. He’s a massive runner at 6’1″, 235 pounds. He’ll be just a 20-year-old rookie.

And his documented athleticism is impressive. Per the Feldman’s Freaks list from the 2022 offseason, he’s hit as fast as 1.49 seconds in the 10-yard split, and at the NFL Combine, he logged 26 bench reps — second-most among RBs.

The metrics and production support Allen’s early-round bid, but it doesn’t always translate on tape. Allen doesn’t quite show off the elite explosiveness upfield that his numbers suggest. And while he does have solid vertical speed once he gets going, he’s a linear runner who lacks great agility, fluidity, or creative instincts.

Allen experiences frequent delays when he needs to decelerate or adjust his tracking angle. He also lacks the full-field vision to identify cutback lanes outside. He’s built like a power runner, and that’s how he profiles on the field.

Allen is massive and physical, with excellent leg churn and contact balance, but he’s also not very dynamic or adaptable. Additionally, while he’s a good pass blocker, he doesn’t bring much as a receiving threat.

Allen’s size, youth, interior vision, and contact utility should help him earn a rotational role as a short-yardage and goal-line back at the next level. He could take on added volume when needed. He provides value particularly in gap, power, and inside zone schemes.

That said, Allen may never be an impact two-phase NFL starter despite his eye-catching collegiate production. He fits into a valuable but limited niche and can at least help strengthen an NFL rotation. – Ian Cummings PFN


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports

Round 5 (148):

Elijah JonesCBBoston College:

Jones was graded out as a fringe top-100 prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft. He could field consideration as early as the mid-to-late Day 2 range, but he’d be an excellent value acquisition on Day 3.

Jones will be a 25-year-old rookie in 2024, and at his age, there remain diluting factors on tape for his stock. At around 6’1 1/2″, some fluidity limitations precipitate from Jones’ taller frame, and there are technical inefficiencies for him to keep improving, particularly in off-man at stems.

Nevertheless, if you’re a team that runs more press-man and zone concepts on a situational basis, and if you’re looking for a CB with starter utility early on Day 3, there are few options better than Jones.

Jones is a highly explosive, twitched-up athlete with swarming recovery speed. He’s disciplined in the press, physical as a trailing and support defender, alert and quick to adapt in zone and side-saddle, and he plays the ball well, using his eyes as a guiding tool and his length to disrupt and generate turnovers.

With fluidity that’s only above-average at best and harmful tendencies in off-man, Jones may never be a high-end starter in the NFL. But right away, he’s an intelligent cover man with playmaking instincts, support utility, and versatility between the slot and the boundary.

Though Jones may have a shorter prime than other CBs at 25 years old, he can be a capable starter right out of the gate in zone and press-man-heavy schemes, and if he can keep improving his off-man technique, he has quality starter potential. – Ian Cummings PFN


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Round 6 (#208):

Sataoa Laumea – OGUtah:

The tools are evident in Laumea’s film. His quickness out of his stance is tremendous for his size and helps keep him in front of rushers. Add to that good play strength, athleticism, and awareness, and Laumea’s floor is pretty solid. His competitive toughness will also endear him to coaches.

How he hits his ceiling may depend on the team that drafts him. Laumea can play both tackle and guard in the NFL, but he might be quicker to start at guard, as it can keep him “in a booth” and limit his issues against speed rushers around the arc. However, the Utah OL can also sit behind a vet and develop at right tackle, as he has the tools to be a reliable starter if he can iron out some of his inconsistencies.

Overall, Laumea’s skill set makes him one of the more intriguing developmental options in this draft class. He could work his way into a Day 2 pick, but if he isn’t, I’d expect to hear his name called early on Day 3. – Ian Cummings PFN


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Fresno State Athletics

Round 7 (#223):

Carlton Johnson – CBFresno State:

In 2018 as a freshman Johnson saw action in just 2 games and played a total of 42 snaps at cornerback for the Southern Utah Thunderbirds. He recorded only 2 tackles, no assists, while adding one stop. In coverage, Johnson notched up no pass breakups, no interceptions, and an outstanding QB rating when targetted of 39.6.

As a sophomore in 2019, he played in 5 games and logged 268 snaps for the Thunderbirds. He made 14 tackles, one assist, and had 2 stops. In coverage, he totaled 2 pass breakups, one interception, and QB rating when targetted of 95.3.

After season’s end, Johnson transferred to Fresno State where as a junior for the Bulldogs in 2022 Johnson played in 6 games and took part in 246 snaps for the Bulldogs. He chalked up 16 tackles, 2 assists, and added 11 stops. In the secondary Johnson forced 5 pass breakups, one interception, and gave up an outstanding QB rating when targetted of 27.1.

In 2023 as a senior Johnson saw action in 13 games while playing 805 snaps. He logged 43 tackles, 13 assists, and made 10 stops. In coverage, Johnson had 7 pass breakups, 4 interceptions, and surrendered QB rating of 76.9 when targetted. – NFL Draft Buzz


Raiders Mock Draft v1.0 | Franchise Sports Media
Photo Credit: Lucas Chen/Daily

Round 7 (#229):

AJ BarnerTEMichigan:

AJ Barner emerged from the 2024 NFL Draft pool as a solid TE-2 option with significant upside as both a pass catcher and blocker.

His robust frame and reliable technique in run-blocking situations set him apart. Barner’s proficiency in handling defensive linemen and linebackers, coupled with his ability to identify and exploit soft spots in zone coverage, underscore his readiness for the professional level. Yet, his development as a route-runner and the need to enhance his explosive power off the line are areas that could turn teams off.

On the downside, Barner’s game tape reveals a tight end who, while dependable, lacks the explosive athleticism and sharp route-running prowess seen in top-tier prospects. His college production, primarily as a blocker, leaves questions about his ceiling as a pass-catcher in the NFL. Teams may view him as a project in the passing game, needing targeted coaching to unlock his full potential as a receiver. Despite these concerns, his work ethic, leadership as a team captain, and standout special teams play offer immediate value, pointing to a player willing to grind and improve. – NFL Draft Buzz


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