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It’s Monday morning. It’s basketball season. I got beef. When does the Los Angeles Clippers “talk nice about us” campaign stop??? I mean, damn! We know they have big deep pockets, but this slurp-fest is nauseating. We all agree that LA’s little basketball team has made some beautiful moves lately. I’m a native. They’ve made the best moves in their miserable history. Hats off to them. They were a victim to the worst ownership in organized sports for years. There were little league baseball teams that ran better.

But uh… This is ridiculous.

Kawhi Leonard picks the Clippers over the Lakers and all hell broke loose. Even with the signing of Anthony Davis, sports media laps up Kawhi’s movements as the end of the LeBron era in Los Angeles. The 16-time champs are utterly dead in the water, even with 2 of the top 5 players in the league. Fast-forward to opening night. The Clippers beat the Lakers, and LA catches fire. What in the world are the LAKERS gonna do??? The Clips beat them without Paul George! ????

I’m looking at the AM sports cycle like did I miss something???

Didn’t the Clippers win 48 games last season? Didn’t the Clippers make the playoffs AFTER sending their best player, Tobias Harris, to the Sixers? Don’t the Clippers employ arguably the best coach in this league? Hey, I have news for everybody. The Clippers’ arrival came with Donald Sterling’s departure. At the moment, they are a well-oiled machine that has been working at a moderate pace. They were just injected with two superchargers. They should perform well if they performed well already… They lost a game.

Who are we? Chopped meat?

Ok, dim the lights on the crowd. Push them to full-power on the court. Bring out the banners, the retired jerseys, and up the ticket prices. It’s Showtime.

WTF? How many Laker starters from the first game of last year, have played for the team so far this season? How many of those players didn’t miss significant time due to injury last season? Let’s see. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. ????????‍♂️ Anymore? C’mon man! The Lakers have three games together. No Rondo. No Kuzma. No Boogie. Some teams don’t have a starting line-up that good. Look at the 3-point shooting. That’s a hell of an upgrade.

Look at the defense!

My goodness, look at that defense. The things that have plagued the Lakers for the last six years have been addressed. The biggest “failure” so far was not landing a second “superstar” to pair with Bron. A failure that every real NBA fan, including those in LA, doesn’t mind at all. Everybody was tired of superteams. Then the Lakers built one. Did anybody happen to see Dwight Howard last night? Better yet, did you see the Staples’ reaction to Dwight Howard last night? Last question. Did you see that defense?

Yeah, it was Charlotte, but my point is the repetitions. As this team gets the minutes, they’re gonna learn to play together. They’re also gonna get healthy. They’re gonna kick the Clippers ass if they meet for seven games.  I don’t see newbies reporting NBA basketball. I see experts. These talking heads have talked enough basketball for long enough to be respected entirely and I tune in for it.

Something is fishy at the moment though…

Sports TV is Clippers Slurp City. The Clippers have mad money. If I’ve been the worst franchise in sports since day one and I’m turning over a new leaf with a new owner, new branding, and new superstars, I better have a new marketing plan. Don’t be sleazy with it, though.

The Clippers ARE NOT the blue-collar anything!!! They’re rich! They are about to put a spaceship in fucking Inglewood! Stop jobbing everybody! The Clippers are the evil empire of Los Angeles! I’m not buying any of this. They’ve NEVER WON ANYTHING, yet every time I listen to sports, everybody’s talking like they’re so great! I wonder if Balmer has installed chips into sports media and is somewhere up in NorCal, dictating what to say. They’re smug with it too. Kawhi is doing Terminator commercials and shit. ????

Call me crazy, but all this is possible. These dudes are loaded. They like invented the computer or something. Patrick Beverly, for sure, has some kind of chip in him. You know this. Trust yourself. Look at him. They put one in Paul George too. He’s healing up right now get it? ????????‍♂️ Have they infiltrated NBA fans? Man that fan base got big fast right? We used to go to those games for 15 bucks and eat stale popcorn. It was empty. By the 3rd4th quarter, we were in the good seats with no problem.

Why is the gas in LA so high? Is that how they’re gonna build their spaceship arena? I heard the thing will be able to fly them out of tsunamis and shit. Like a nuclear missile won’t be able to penetrate it. They’re gonna keep Kawhi there plugged up to all kinds of machines and shit when he’s not playing. You know I hear they’re harvesting his DNA to make more of him? It’s gonna take more than that to catch the Lakeshow, though. You guys think I’m full of shit. You’ll see. The big question is about the media. Watch the sports news and ask yourself, do these people have Clipper microchips installed inside them?

Or just big Balmer checks in their accounts? ????


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