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My Monday Morning Beef…



To be completely honest, I can’t find any real beef this week. Manchester United balled the hell out against Manchester City. The City is Red… as it should be. The Lakers are rolling as they should be. Anthony Davis is unstoppable, and the best player in the NBA is STILL LeBron James. Shut up.

The 49ers shocked me and the rest of the world. They were not supposed to beat the Saints in the dome. I was a season ticket holder down there for years. That just doesn’t happen too often. That was a hell of a game, and my game ball would go to Jimmy G for the first time ever. Maybe I could muster up some beef for the defense, but nah. It was Breesy at home. What are you gonna do, right?

I could beef with the Raiders, I guess. This is the worst three-week stretch in a while, but the truth is that The Nation needs to settle down. I mean we are a very knowledgable fan base. Raider fans know football. We’re far from stupid. We are NOT Cowboy fans. We know the truth about our team, and there is no delusion. We have some business to take care of, and we have eight years and some change to handle that business. The Raiders are not good enough to win the Super Bowl this year.

We talkin’ bout playoffs? PLAYOFFS?

Why? Why do you guys want to go to the playoffs? What is this defense going to accomplish in the playoffs? Are we trying to break a playoff record for yards against us? Penalty yardage? How many curse words Gru could say in three hours? C’mon man. The Raiders don’t need the playoffs. The Raiders need to win Sunday for The Town and pack it in. Park the boats close and head to the bait shop immediately after the game. We’re going fishing early this year. Gruden and Mayock need to use the Broncos and Chargers to see which of these guys will be Raiders next year. There is no other reason to play these games.

Our season boils down to an extension of last year’s draft. It was a game-changer for this organization. We need another one. We need pass rushers and a secondary. We need linebackers. We need speed in the WR corps. We need the Bears to lose and keep losing. The remainder of this season should be a glorified preseason, after which we hit I-15 South and head for 3333 Al Davis Way. Derek Carr needs to game manage without egregious mistakes so that we don’t waste a draft pick and valuable time on another QB. All in all, there is one recipe for the Raiders and RaiderNation…

Just lose baby. ????????‍♂️

I guess my beef today is more Bologna than Filet, but still… Clemson at number 3? Wow. I guess it doesn’t matter because they’re gonna stomp Ohio State and then LSU, but the level of disrespect for Dabo Sweeney is ridiculous. You have people suggesting that they shouldn’t even be in the big dance! The reigning defending National Champs shouldn’t be allowed to defend their Chip because the OTHER teams in their conference aren’t as good as they used to be or should be.

Huh? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Is it a punishment for Dabo’s recruiting being the reason the other teams aren’t as good? I mean, let’s just be real about this. The NFL RAIDED Clemson. Tigers on their rookie contracts are STARTING all over pro football, and Clemson hasn’t lost a step. Let’s keep up the disrespect. You’ve built your next Alabama and you haven’t noticed yet.

We understand that the powers that be are SEC people. We understand that the SEC is better than the NFL. We understand that Nick Saban will be the next president of the United States, Bear Bryant will rise from the dead to be his running mate, and Paul Finebaum will be the new Speaker of the House. We understand that America will be great again when all this happens.

We also understand that The Clemson Tigers are gonna win the National Championship so all that shit will have to wait. 


Book it. Beef with it.

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