The NBA Bubble That Can’t Be Popped


With scrimmages out of the way, and the NBA season continuing with a full head of steam, it seems as if the league is having no problems when it comes to maintaining the health and safety of the players and staff, as well as everyone else inside the bubble.


When taking a look at how the NBA is handling the situation, it seems as if the league couldn’t have been more prepared than they are now, especially when comparing to other major league sports around the globe.


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Major League Baseball, had postponed multiple series after players and staff from the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals tested positive for the coronavirus. A situation such as this then brings up the question of whether the NBA should be concerned. However, it is not difficult to see that the NBA is going about its restart in a completely different way in comparison to MLB.

For starters, MLB teams are still traveling by plane. NBA teams are residing at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex. Also, in the Marlins case, they had reportedly decided by player text vote whether they would like to proceed with the season despite having multiple people test positive for COVID-19.

On the other hand, the NBA has already determined how teams will handle both positive as well as negative tests as well as how they will handle any rules that may be broken inside the bubble.

When it comes to how often players are being tested, NBA players are tested daily for COVID-19. Meanwhile, MLB players are only tested every other day. Something as small as getting tested every other day can make the most significant difference when it comes to ensuring the health and safety of the players. Experts have stated that one day a person could test negative for the virus but then can still contract it the very next day.


Going into the NBA bubble with all the rules in place in order to continue the season left a lot on players, but fans are slightly skeptical about the whole idea.


The same problems the MLB is running into are the same problems fans were afraid of happening in the NBA. Fortunately, for hoops fans around the globe, the bubble has been the perfect plan. It has been executed in the best manner possible to get sports going for fans around the world to enjoy just like they were before the pandemic.


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With the NBA continuing at an irregular schedule, in the middle of the summer, when usually offseason duties and training camps would typically begin start, many fans have started to look ahead to next season. When will the 2020-2021 season begin?

It has been reported the NBA has been looking towards a December 1st start date for next season, but that date is subject to change. The reason being is the league’s players’ union has voiced their concerns stating that it gives too little time for the participating 22 teams to recover. The current season will extend through mid-October.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver then stated it would not be entirely possible to resume all of next season inside a campus bubble. Finances start to play a significant role, and to sustain that for the entirety of the season would be too difficult, not to mention to ask the players to stay away from their families for an extended period would be difficult as well.

With that being said, the league was monitoring how well the NFL, as well as college football, would be able to host games with or without fans in their venues before proceeding. That is still the case in some parts of the country, since two of the Power-5 Conferences, the Big-10 and Pac-12, decided to cancel fall sports.

Not to mention, when looking at the current situation of the world, whether there will be a next season or not will depend on how the country itself handles the growing pandemic. At that point, it would then be out of the NBA’s control, and there is no point in worrying whether the league will resume next season. The main thing is to take it one step at a time and hope that this season can see the finish line first. In comparison, what the MLB does, should not foreshadow how the NBA will go about things either.


The NBA and MLB are two different leagues, and go about situations in their own separate ways.


If MLB was an omen for what’s to come for the NBA, then the odds of the league even restarting would’ve been very low. However, the fact that the NBA has been able to restart has fans around the globe encouraged to have something to look forward to throughout their day. It was all thanks to the procedures that the league set in place to make it all happen.


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The league subjects everyone to daily testing. It requires and enforces face coverings as well as social-distancing rules. It has extended quarantines to anyone who has left the campus both with or without permission. In the end, when 346 players were tested last week, and zero tested positive for COVID-19. It goes to show how serious the NBA is with handling this process.

The NBA is acutely aware of the fact that everything they have worked so hard to build up, could easily be torn apart. All it takes is one case that could potentially put a halt to everything, whether it happens from now through October. Also, the NBA has a hotline where players can call to report other players not abiding by the rules; one of those rules include wearing a mask. There have been calls made already regarding players who have not been doing so.

Besides, other players have been ordering food through alternative delivery options. All in all, nothing is going to be perfect, but the NBA has done a great job handling these situations.


Every person on campus has to report symptoms, their temperature, as well as their oxygen levels shortly after waking up. If anyone has concerning or incomplete results, they will not be allowed past security checkpoints at the campus venues. To reduce any boredom, the NBA has given teams access to the campus golf course, fishing spots, the hotel’s pool areas, lounges, and many more areas of the campus.


The NBA is fortunate enough to be back due to the careful planning and preparation they have done for the pandemic. Unfortunately, the MLB did not prepare as well. At this point, it is up to the NBA to maintain what they have been doing, so fans around the world can see this season to the very end.

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