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FSM Introduction: Las Vegas Aces Reporter Cole Huff

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Franchise Sports Media is proud to welcome Cole Huff to the Franchise family. Cole will be FSM’s Las Vegas Aces reporter and will bring a unique perspective to our Aces coverage. Cole will also be talking hoops with us on our other platforms as well, but his primary focus will be the WNBA’s Western Conference champions.


What’s up, everyone! I am Cole Huff, the newest member of the Franchise Sports Media team. I’ll have the pleasure of covering all things Las Vegas Aces as the team embarks on a championship run this season. I’m excited to share my writing with you all and hope to build relationships along the way. Allow me to dive into my background so you can better understand who I am and what kind of content to expect from me.


I come from an athletic background.


Cole Huff
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My father played wide receiver for Arizona State University in the early ’80s and earned a spot on the Los Angeles Rams’ practice squad shortly after. Naturally, football was my favorite sport for the first few years of my childhood — until the new millennium ushered in.

As a Southern California native, the year 2001 is when I began my transformation into a basketball junky; the Lakers were world champions, and the Kobe-Shaq era was born, the Clippers were one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA, and the Sparks were building a dynasty of their own. I didn’t know it at the time, but this era of Los Angeles basketball became the foundational piece of what the game of basketball would provide for me throughout my life.

Ball is life!” We’ve all heard, seen, and read the basketball-specific phrase at some point, but I actually lived it. The little orange ball opened up doors for me that have delivered a lifetime of experiences and opportunities. I have played both with and against NBA players, shared the court with some of the most accomplished NCAA players, as well as competed against the best talent Europe has to offer. I was fortunate enough to travel the world and play on teams in Turkey, Spain, Greece while also competing in the NBA G-League. Before that, I played in the Big East Conference for the Creighton Bluejays.


My curiosity for writing really took off as an undergrad at Creighton University where I majored in journalism.


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I got my first crack at sports journalism while writing for the school newspaper as I covered women’s volleyball, men’s baseball, and women’s basketball. Those two years opened my eyes to the idea of covering sports as a professional, but I was zeroed in on becoming an NBA player at the time.

So once I graduated, I dedicated a few of my post-collegiate years to letting my basketball career play out. Another few years went by, and basketball eventually became secondary as I realized I was more interested in growing as a journalist.

I made it a point not to let my passion for writing dwindle, so I picked up the pen and embraced the challenge. I started writing about the NBA and instantly found the joy that I once had as a student journalist. Now more than ever, given my time as a professional basketball player, I have developed a wealth of basketball knowledge that allows me to incorporate a “behind the scenes” angle into my storytelling, which is something that I intend to showcase to my new audience.

So here I am now, covering the WNBA — the very organization that I credit for helping me discover a game that has navigated me through life.


I’ve become more educated on everything WNBA over the past couple of seasons, and while my knowledge of the league is relatively fresh in comparison to my peers, I’m extremely excited to grow in the community and learn from a well-versed bunch of fans and media members who share an appetite for women’s basketball.

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-Cole Huff– Franchise Sports Media

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