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FSM Essential Playoff Recap: Lakers vs Rockets – Game 5

Los Angeles Lakers (8-2)  |  Houston Rockets (5-7)


The Lakers finished the first half of this game with a 62-51 lead.


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The Lakers decided to start Markieff Morris during the Western Conference Semifinals against the Houston Rockets.  It showed to be the right decision for the first half because the Lakers started off on fire and ultimately defeated the Rockets 119-96.  

The Lakers had a safe lead for most of the first quarter, forcing the Rockets to miss four shots right next to the rim.  Everyone was scoring so effectively to the point that they did not need Anthony Davis to shoot the ball.  It took until the late second quarter for Davis to even attempt a shot.        

The Lakers’ defense gave the Rockets no space to dribble or pull up for a shot. Whenever the Rockets tried to pass rapidly to confuse the Lakers’ defense, it did not work. LA did an excellent job with proper defensive switches whenever the Rockets tried to pass more. Russell Westbrook was having trouble scoring in the paint. He shot 3 for 8, with half of those attempts being layups after charging into the paint.

The Lakers finished the first half with 13 turnovers while the Rockets only finished with 9.


James was easily the Lakers star of the half. 


James finished the first half with 19 points, six rebounds, and five assists. He could not be stopped in transition and was hustling coast to coast many times.

The entire Lakers team could not miss in the first half. Every player on their starting lineup except for Rajon Rondo shot above 50 percent. The reason Rondo did not? He didn’t attempt a shot. Morris performed notably well, shooting 4 for five from the floor and 2 for two from the three-point line. 

The Lakers finished the first half with an 11-point lead because of their defense and their shooting ability. They shot 61.8 percent from the floor and 50 percent from three for the half. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Danny Green, and James all made two three-pointers.


The Lakers easily eliminated the Rockets from the playoffs, winning the game 119-96. 



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The Rockets got some of their offense going in the first few minutes of the third quarter. Even with that, they never convinced anybody that they could win this game. It seemed like they did not want to play anymore as soon as the Lakers extended the lead to 20 points. The Rockets had seven players shoot below 34 percent from the floor! That shows how well the Lakers’ defense continued to play. They continued not to give space and adjusted to the Rockets’ passing with proper switches.



Morris, Green, Kyle Kuzma, James, and Davis all played well for the Lakers. This was a very balanced game for the LA. Morris finished with 16 points shooting 6 for seven from the floor, Green finished with 14 points shooting 4 for six from the floor, Kuzma finished with 17, shooting 5 for nine from the floor, and Davis finished with 13 points but had 11 rebounds.



The Lakers had arguably the best all-around game this postseason proving they are ready for the Western Conference Finals. They will face either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Denver Nuggets. Either way, the Lakers appear to be very well prepared for that series.

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Lakers vs Rockets Game 5