Centennial vs Basic



Centennial High School and Basic High School for International Studies was quite an interesting game, for those that don’t know high school football in Las Vegas. This game should have been a blowout by Centennial from the start, however, they fumbled the ball away twice and Basic could not capitalize. Neither team scored a single point in the first quarter, however, the wide receivers for Centennial certainly showed off their speed. With that speed, it was apparent, they would quite literally run away with this game.
Basic was only playing with around 30 players in this game as multiple Wolfpack players, including their best, were ruled ineligible. When one of the Wolfpack offensive linemen went down with an injury, Centennial took advantage by rushing Basic’s starting quarterback, Micah Gallegos. They ended up with five sacks on the night and the game only got worse for Basic after this.


One of the very first plays for Centennial in the second quarter was a touchdown run by Jordan Smith (5-9 180 lbs.). Right when Basic was about to punt for another time on Friday the 13th, they muff the punt and Centennial’s Giovanni Monroe recovers. The Bulldogs would go down and score again a couple plays later, making the score 14-0. However, it was not all bad for Basic in this quarter as they got their first positive yards of the game on their next drive by a nice catch from Donovan Adams. Adams had to reach back to grab the pass from Gallegos. Basic’s first points of the game came by way of a nice 35-yard reception touchdown by wide receiver Josh Waugh (5-11 165 lbs.). Basic ended up having a bad snap on the extra point and the score stayed 21-6 at the half with Centennial leading.


Centennial Head Coach Dustin Forshee had this to say after the game about the first half, “We made a lot of mistakes in the first half. We gave up a big play at the end, and then we fumbled two times in the red zone and I mean our defense played great, with the exception of the last play.”

The Bulldogs would soon find their footing in the third quarter with a nice run by Gerick Robinson (5-10 150 lbs.) to get the ball into the end zone. Robinson would also have a punt return touchdown in this quarter while showing off his blazing fast speed. Head Coach Dustin Forshee said it is a blessing to have the speed that he does. “He’s kind of our all-around guy, he does kick returns, punt returns, we try to hand him the ball, we try to create little plays for him to try to get him out in space and you see what kind of athlete he is. He is just a good kid that if you give him the ball, he does some pretty magical things, and so we just develop some stuff to try to get him the ball. When he gets the ball he’s something special.” The score was 35-6 Centennial after the third and they wound up cruising to victory by a score of 42-6. 


The “swiss-army knife” wide receiver Gerick Robinson said that during the punt return, he told the line “he would cut the ball to the right. Sure enough, the kicker kicked it right and we scored.” He emphasized the team over himself in this setting.


In the second half, the score was a little bit more lopsided at 21-0. Coach Forshee knows that his team has to start faster, but liked how his team responded to the adversity they faced in the first half. In the first half, the Bulldogs gave up a couple of fumbles and a touchdown. Coach Forshee said, “Second half we got it figured out and we got it straightened. Basic’s a great team, it’s tough to come down here especially from where we’re at and come and play, and they always do a great job. So, we were able to kind of make some adjustments and a couple of our playmakers made plays, which is all we really want. It seems like we’re a second-half team, so hopefully, we get that figured out.”
Centennial’s speed is comparable to the speed that UNLV Head Football Coach Tony Sanchez is trying to bring to his program. Sanchez has a lot of speedy players across his entire roster. At the high school level, Centennial has it and it is evident throughout the entire roster as well. This speed helps in the west-coast type of offense that Coach Forshee runs and helps the quarterback, Colton Tenney, move through his progressions with ease as it opens the defense up. “It’s nice, because like I said, it loosens a lot of things up. We are a traditionally a pretty quick, pass-type offense like a west coast offense, so it allows us to be able to take shots when we need to take shots and it loosens the defense to where we can kind of dump it off a little bit. Whenever you’ve got guys that can stretch the field as we have, the defense plays back so that they don’t get beat. It lets our quarterback get in a rhythm, and I know he likes that. He’s a smart kid, and he knows when to take shots. He knows where to put balls. It’s nice that he’s only a junior too so we have him for one more year.”


Coach Forshee is happy about Tenney returning for another year, as he said, he loves it as far as how fast he goes through his progressions and reads. He makes everything better. Coach Forshee described Tenney as a ”field general” in the game, “It was great, it was awesome, it was huge, it’s like having another coach on the field when we have Colton Tenney out there and he gets guys in the right spots. Like I said he sees something, kind of lets it go and adjusts on the fly, which is nice.”
That is correct as Tenney was dropping bomb after bomb after bomb, perfectly throwing passes into the breadbasket of the hands of his receivers, who didn’t have to do much to haul in the passes. Tenney made it easy on his receivers, and his receivers complimented him by making big plays.

The Franchise Player of the game:

Congratulations Gerick Robinson on being awarded the Franchise Player of the Game tonight!

Coach Forshee loves it when he sees Gerick on the field making an impact, he had this to say about him after the game: “Absolutely, whenever you score on special teams and offense that makes the offense and defense relax a helluva lot and him doing that it makes it a lot easier as a play-caller, as the head coach to guide the game along whenever you got a guy like that when you got a guy who, anytime when he touches the ball he can score.”

Gerick’s stellar play had a huge impact on this game for the Bulldogs.