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FSM Essential Preview: Golden Knights vs. Wild- Game 19

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Monday night’s matchup did not disappoint as we saw the Vegas Golden Knights and the Minnesota Wild meet up for the first time this season.


Golden Knights vs Wild
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The Minnesota Wild came into the game with an all-time record of 6-2 when facing the Knights and were red hot after winning six games straight, tied for the NHL’s longest streak so far this season. VGK put an end to that streak, but it was definitely an uphill battle facing a team that has matched up against them so well since the Knights inaugural season back in 2017. Both teams showed what has driven their respective success so far this season, with each club showing what their strengths are. Minnesota showed their ability to hem the Knights in their own zone and scored goals in bunches. While the Knights showed their ability to have break-out speed through fast puck movement and the ability to catch their forwards in stride through breakout passes.


However, the strength that showed up the most were the intangibles that Vegas possesses in terms of resiliency and the ability to not let panic set in even when behind by multiple goals.


Both of these qualities were demonstrated best by none other than the man wearing a C on his sweater, Mark Stone. Whether watching at home or live in person, it was impossible not to notice #61 demonstrate the kind of leadership and enthusiasm needed to come back from a deficit two separate times and eventually set up the game-winning goal. Stone typically plays with a lot of energy to his game, but he was in rare form on Monday night as he had a career-high five points, assisting on every VGK goal. I am sure much of that had to do with playing in front of fans for the first time in almost a year, who have wanted nothing more than to have something to look forward to in these troubling times.


The fact of the matter is that sports are a communal endeavor that can bring an entire town or state together, allowing them to forget about the troubles of the world and set their differences aside.


Golden Knights vs Wild
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Even if it is just for a few hours, human beings need to enjoy something with their fellow man and remember that there is a lot in life to love. The Knights have been a special team since day one, as they helped the city of Las Vegas heal after the horrendous event that took place on October 1st, 2017, just days before the first puck drop at T-Mobile Arena. In a year that has seen so many people lose their loved ones, lose their job, or watched their children suffer, something as simple as attending a hockey game with a few family members or friends and cheering on their favorite team can go a long way in terms of healing. If Mark Stone and the rest of the Golden Knights taught us one thing on Monday night, it is that maintaining hope and staying resilient is the best way to overcome the adversity that life throws at us.

The Knights will look to finish up their two-game series with a sweep against the Wild tonight before heading out to San Jose for Friday’s matchup. Look for them to limit the number of players causing havoc in front of their net and be able to break out of their zone quicker. I am sure VGK will continue to have a high level of energy and motivation as they play in front of their hometown fans before heading back on the road.


The Vegas Golden Knights will resume play Wednesday evening taking on the Minnesota Wild at T-Mobile Arena for the second time this season. The puck drop is set for 7:00 p.m. and will be on AT&T Sportsnet and FOX Sports Las Vegas 98.9/1340.


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