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FSM Presents: The FSM Prep Rally- Las Vegas High School Football- Week 3


Welcome back to The FSM Prep Rally on Franchise Sports Media. The 702 High School football scene was full of exciting games and blowouts during Week 2. In Week 3 we will see a team travel across the country in a High School Top 25 game, and two games that are normally extremely competitive.


FSM Prep Rally
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Bishop Gorman travels to Miami to take on Miami Central. Both teams are nationally ranked in the Maxpreps Top 25, with Gorman ranked 9th, and Central ranked 24th. 

As most of you know, we have nothing but love and respect for Bishop Gorman, especially their head coach Brent Browner and offensive coordinator Craig Canfield. But we want to address (for the last time) why Gorman is ranked 2nd in our FSM Prep Rally rankings behind Liberty.

Yes, we know that Maxpreps has them ranked 9th in the country, and we most definitely respect that. But they lost to Liberty in their last meaningful game played in Nevada until the start of the 2021 football season. This is not a shot or slight to the Gaels. But this is giving the proper respect to Liberty, who has earned it after beating Gorman, and the Patriots are the defending champions.

Until Liberty losses, Gorman will remain behind them in our rankings. This isn’t the old Gorman team that won three straight High School National Championships who is returning most of the team to defend the title. This is a team that lost in the Nevada Semi-Final game in 2019 and has a bunch of new faces on it. So stop being self-entitled and acting like you have to be #1 in the FSM Prep Rally rankings because you are at Bishop Gorman. Go out and earn it. Go out and prove it to us, your teammates, coaches, and most importantly, yourselves.


FSM Prep Rally
Photo Credit: Joe Arrigo/Franchise Sports Media

Lastly, last Friday, one of the games FSM was at was Spring Valley vs. Cimarron-Memorial. I want to take a moment to commend coach Teal from Spring Valley. During the game, things got real chippy, and two players were ejected for throwing punches. I was on the sideline, about ten feet from where coach Teal pulled his player aside. He gave him a talk that was an important life lesson.

Coach Teal told the player he was disappointed in his actions and that he hurt the team and himself. He told him that in life, there would be times, as a man, he will be tested and be in situations that will test his character and beliefs. He asked him how he would react in those situations? Coach Teal then uplifted his player, telling him that in life, a lot of things can be determined by how you react in those adverse situations, that it is a direct reflection of your character and that in life, you can’t allow yourself to get caught up in the moment. The player said he understood, apologized, and thanked coached Teal.

I was impressed, to say the least. That was impressive for a coach in the middle of a game to have the clarity and wherewithal to get out of the moment and give a lesson that should stick with a player for the rest of his life. That is exactly the type of leadership, coaching, and mentorship parents should want their children to get from their coach. Spring Valley, CCSD, and the NIAA should be proud to have a high character and morality man, like coach Teal, being a leader at school and in the community.


The Prep Rally Week 3 Picks:


Liberty @ Foothill:

Prep Rally Pick: Liberty 45-14


Bishop Gorman @ Miami Central

Prep Rally Pick: Bishop Gorman 35-12


Desert Pines vs. Canyon Springs

Prep Rally Pick: Desert Pines 42-21


Green Valley @ Palo Verde

Prep Rally Pick: Green Valley 50-10


Arbor View @ Las Vegas 

Prep Rally Pick: Arbor View 38-17


Legacy @ Centennial

Prep Rally Pick: Legacy 20-10


Cimarron vs. Coronado 

Prep Rally Pick: Coronado 21-2


Week 3 FSM Prep Rally Top 10 Rankings:


  1. Liberty Patriots
  2. Bishop Gorman Gaels
  3. Desert Pines Jaguars
  4. Green Valley Gators
  5. Arbor View Aggies
  6. Silverado Skyhawks
  7. Legacy Longhorns
  8. Las Vegas Wildcats
  9. Mojave Rattlers
  10. Coronado Cougars



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