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New FSM Feature: Top Potential Raiders GM Candidates

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The Raiders may be looking to clean house and hit the reset button, again. So let’s take a look at who could be candidates that Mark Davis could be looking at as his new potential General Manager.


Raiders GM Search
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Mike Mayock is in his third year as GM for the Raiders as the season winds down. Following two close wins to the Browns and Broncos, the Raiders have still had their fair share of struggles. On and off the field, it’s valid to argue the Raiders are just not where they want to be right now.

With the loss of Jon Gruden, Mayock has more control of the team now without much justification for him staying one more year. A season filled with a terrible series of events for the Raiders has left a strong possibility of change coming next year.

With the idea of Mayock’s termination already looming, it’s essential to look at possible candidates to fill the role. Louis Riddick is a name that has circulated NFL front-offices for a minute now, and for good reason. His experience sits at 13 years, mainly involved in scouting. While he lacks experience in other aspects of operations, he’d fit right into what the Raiders are trying to improve on.

The Raiders have struggled with building from the ground up for years, with the 2020 draft class being the most recent disappointment. Besides Bryan Edwards, those selected have failed to do anything in improving the Raiders, and it’s fair to argue they have even held them back. However, with the exemplary leadership in scouting young talent, Riddick may very well be someone who could identify a championship team for the Raiders.


Is it all about experience, or do the Raiders need to let go of that idea after this year?


Raiders GM Search
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Experience is always to be considered, as the role of a GM is more sophisticated than one may think. However, that experience can come in many forms. So going back to the importance of scouting, Alonzo Highsmith is another name to look at. His experience comes from 19 years in the scouting department with the Packers.

He may not be an experienced GM per se, but he could be a great fit with the right comfortability. Falling short of the GM position for the Browns, Highsmith is looking for the right position to exercise his knowledge in drafting players.

It’s precisely the type of angle the Raiders should be playing right now, as the past draft classes have been anything but successful. However, Josh Jacobs is an excellent example of a diamond in the rough, as he’s been perfect for the Raider’s offense. Rather than waiting for another Josh Jacobs, it’s time to take accountability in that department to find more key pieces to fill other slots.


Elliot Wolf, son of former GM Ron Wolf, can be considered the favorite.


The elder Wolf will undoubtedly help Mark Davis with the search, and his son is a name to watch. Some great football minds have surrounded Elliot. His experience lies in who he’s worked under, namely Ted Thompson.

Wolf was strongly considered for the GM role in Green Bay when Thompson retired, but they chose to go another route in Brian Gutekunst. Wolf is currently working under Bill Belichick. Working for the goat in NFL coaching may teach you a thing or two about winning, and that’s the exact mentality the Raiders need next year. Not just winning but learning how to build towards consistent winning would be great for both Elliot Wolf and the organization.

Simply put, when shopping begins in the offseason, Wolf will be a name to be considered first and foremost. In addition, Wolf has been very savvy with the media in past interviews, which would also be an excellent characteristic for the Raiders’ organization.

Having landed under hot water many times this season, the Raiders must also find themselves working on building character. While Wolf may be young, 39 years old at the time of this article, it’s also good to note that the Raiders would be improving appearances, which is another thing they could use right now,


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Among other names would be Dave Ziegler, as he and Wolf have been a big part of the new PatriotsNew England is back into playoff form, proving that he can also be a part of a significant rebuild. The patriots may or may not get one of those guys, but the Raiders should also consider looking into Ziegler.

Belichick has credited Ziegler for the Patriots turnaround, but it’s never a strange occurrence when other teams target those kinds of candidates. If the Raiders were to make a move on Ziegler, they would have a solid list of candidates that fit their criteria. The scouting process may not be the best for the Raiders right now, but Ziegler is another name that would certainly improve on that.

Player personnel has been lacking, especially after the season the Raiders are having. Mike Borgonzi has experience in player engagement with the Chiefs. It’s easy to forget these players are human beings, and that mistake could hold them back in the wrong environment. Borgonzi is a guy who’s been a big part of an excellent environment for the Chiefs, and following what’s happened this year, he could be a perfect addition for the Raiders. Borgonzi also has had his fair share of teams seeking his services in past years, but the Raiders could find a way to get this done.

It comes down to poor scouting plus player engagement, and if Mayock’s time with the Raiders is done, it’s time to consider this fact. The Raiders are still in the hunt, at 8-7, but it doesn’t look good for them past the regular season. However, with possibilities looming into next season, these candidates could help turn things around in the future.


There may have been setbacks, but Mark Davis knows what he is doing at the end of the day.

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