Rebel vision 22
Photo Credit: UNLV Football

New FSM Feature: Rebel Vision 22: 2022 UNLV Football Commit Noah McKinney

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UNLV commit Noah McKinney sits down with Duncan Dye and tells you why he is ready for the next level.


Rebel Vision 22
Photo Credit: UNLV Football

Noah Mckinney is currently less than a year away from college ball. He was a force at offensive tackle for Coronado high school, but he initially had aspirations to play Basketball. The former center soon realized his talents were better served in football, even having coaches encouraging this decision.  His doctors all told him he had stopped growing, which helped him realize his future was in Football.  They started playing him at defensive end, with the idea he’d grow into that spot as his primary position. After improving his build, he’s become a presence at offensive tackle.

“A big thing is being smart.  Of course, you have to be big, strong, nasty, and play with an edge.  You also need to be smart to understand the game, to learn your plays and your assignments.  All while being able to make game-time adjustments,” said McKinney, on what it takes to be elite at that position.

The idea of putting the team before yourself is an age-old necessity to winning, and those are the values McKinney says he holds.  McKinney spoke on hard work when asked what he thinks he’ll bring to the college level. “I’m always willing to work, whether it be in the weight room or on the field,” he said, knowing full well what will be expected of him.

McKinney attended Hebron High School in Carrollton, Texas, before transferring to Coronado. Before moving to Vegas, McKinney knew he had to improve his build. His coach placed him at defensive end to start, which, as time tells, was not his ideal side of the ball. Mckinney was able to put on size to earn himself a position change to offensive tackle. This is where he prospered, and after his transfer to Coronado, he’s rightfully received some attention.


What kind of player is McKinney, and who does he look up to?


Rebel Vision 22
Photo Credit: UNLV Football

“One thing I know I will bring to the college level is definitely my character and my will. My will to be the best I can be on whatever team I play for and my will to learn and get better. I’m a pretty fun goofy guy and will definitely bring a positive attitude to this team,” McKinney said on what he has to offer.

The attitude to be a great teammate and player is definitely there, but McKinney also speaks on the possibility of playing the other side of the ball. “I feel if I needed to, I can play wherever my team needs me to play, but if I had my choice, I would rather stick to my craft on the O line and try and master it,”  McKinney states, proving he’s ready to contribute any way possible.

Mark Andrews, Trent Williams, Wyatt Teller, and Trent Brown are all players Mckinney looks up to. Trent Williams, for example, is great at creating space for offense, which is precisely the style of play McKinney exemplified in high school. In his Coronado days, McKinney allowed quarterback Joshua Andrade to have more comfort in finding receivers and running the ball. Many drives resulted in scoring due to McKinney, and that’s the kind of value good teams don’t overlook. “I’m always willing to learn, and no matter what I do in the game, it’s with 100 percent effort”, said McKinney on what he learned in high school.


Rebel Vision 22
Photo Credit: UNLV Football

When asked how he thinks his play will transfer into the college level, Mckinney spoke on the “Mamba Mentality.”  The idea is that continuing his hard work will translate into the continuance of success. With less than a year away from college ball, Mckinney thinks back on two former teammates who were part of his success. Joe Onuwa and Ta’Koda Bridges are two players McKinney remembers as part of his success, thinking back on the value of his former teams.  McKinney is big on encouraging teamwork, and those two guys have his utmost respect.

McKinney thanked his coaches as well, speaking on how much they helped him improve. You have to be tough as an offensive lineman, and former Coronado coach Fred Biletnikoff Jr. says Mckinney has that toughness. He said Mckinney has the level of toughness that’s required to excel at that position. Tyler Bailey is another coach that receives a lot of praise from the young man, and McKinney credits the former coach a lot for the position he’s in today.

Simply put, the offense will improve with McKinney out there. He’s 100% committed to UNLV, the school that welcomed him exceptionally well. McKinney and his family greatly appreciated the hospitality UNLV showed, as other schools made a bid at him as well. At the end of the day, McKinney just wants to play football, and when he hits the field, it’s all hands on deck.


What else do we need to know about the future college player?


If I wasn’t playing football right now, I’d want to pursue a business degree,” said Mckinney, on a hypothetical question. Business management is something the young player has also thought about, as he takes his education just as seriously. When discussing life beyond just playing, McKinney made it known he’s big on coaching youth players as well. With knowledge of football and basketball, McKinney believes he could help other youth players find success.

Noah McKinney is a valuable asset to any team. If you look at highlights found at Hudl, you’ll find out just how much of a difference he made on the field. Former teammate and captain running back Chris Avila can undoubtedly attest, as McKinney often created so much room for him, he could run with both arms stretched out. The drive is there, along with the work ethic, and we’re all excited to see how it turns out.


The main focus is McKinney’s comfort; with the right team and leadership, this kid could really take off!

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