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FSM Presents: 2 Minutes with Gawlik – Weekly VGK Update – Weeks 1 and 2

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The last time I went new car shopping was just over four years ago. I was looking for something suitable for my family.

2 Minutes with Gawlik
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There wasn’t really a budget constraint, and I did not do a whole lot of research. I test drove a couple of mid-level sedans and one sport utility vehicle. I was far from in love with any of them. Then there it was—this metallic gold sedan with dual exhaust.

I could see my reflection as I approached the vehicle. A salesperson happened to be walking by, and I gently grabbed his arm. His name tag just said “Foley.” I asked Foley if he could grab the keys. Foley invited me in for a credit check and other useless chatter; I simply said, “I’m paying cash, grab the damn keys.” Foley was a bit taken back and started jogging towards the dealership. Completely ignoring the sticker price, I did two laps around the car. I had to take it all in. Foley came rushing back with the keys, and I pretty much grabbed the keys out of his hand while ignoring everything he had to say.

I sat inside this golden ride and took a giant breath of that new car smell. The golden ride was decked out. The gear shift handle was shaped like the handle of a sword. Amazing! I will never forget the first time I started it. Purred like a kitten and growled like a tiger when you gave it some gas. I turned on the radio and “John Wick Mode” started playing. Ok, now I am hooked. One quick test drive from the Galleria exit down the 95 to Horizon and back was all I needed. And by quick, I mean quick. I hit one hundred miles per hour in what felt like seconds!

My golden ride was terrific for the first year. It was almost the perfect car with hardly any setbacks. My second year with the car was excellent as well. Not as good as the first year, but still good. In year three, my dealership changed service advisors. “Gerard” always took great care of me, and it was a surprise to see him go. I heard about the new guy, “Pete,” that would be taking over his role. He was from a rival dealership, but I was assured he was the man for the job.


The fourth year with the car was fun as well. Although my golden ride did let me down just before a big family vacation.


2 Minutes with Gawlik
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As a result, we had to take my wife’s sport utility to Disneyland. My fifth year with my golden ride is off to a shaky start. The dealership replaced many longtime members of the service team. I felt like I knew everyone on the team and now hardly recognize any of the new faces. On the wall in the service department were pictures of the advisors and awards that they had won.

“Mike Anthony Frederick” won last year’s award for “best advisor in the nation.” All the staff members referred to him as “MAF.” This past July, I saw that MAF’s picture was not on the wall anymore. I asked a few advisors what happened, and no one knew why he was gone. I could not make sense of it.

I had up and downtimes with my golden ride, but everything would be ok in the end. The new faces at the dealership still took great care of me. The new car smell was long gone, but I still enjoyed every drive.

Folks, it was fun to write the last six hundred words, and I hope they made you smile a bit. Now it is time to relax and not worry about our beloved Vegas Golden Knights. Struggle, injuries, and change are all parts of the process. Right now, we are in a perfect storm of trouble. Due to injury, Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty, Zach Whitecloud, Alec Martinez, and Alex Tuch are all out. Marc Andre Fleury has been traded.

Side note, how come no one wants to say his name? I have listened to a few press conferences, and everyone says, “the previous goalie” or something along those lines. Marc Andre Fleury is not something to say worthy of putting a dollar in the swear jar for every time you say his name. Ok, where was I?

A perfect storm of trouble. We are amid “injury-ageddon.” It stinks, and the next two to four weeks are going to be tough.


On the bright side, VGK plays in the Pacific Division. Our players will heal and VGK will still win it. Maybe not by ten points plus, but VGK wins the Pacific. Book it.


2 Minutes with Gawlik
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Much has been made about the attendance at T-Mobile Arena as of late. I do not get this part. The capacity for T-Mobile Arena is 17,367. Wednesday’s game against the St. Louis Blues had 17,690 fans in attendance. That became a storyline! VGK sells out a game during a pandemic, mask policy still in place, on the eve of The Electric Daisy Carnival, and the storyline is that VGK only sold out by a measly three-hundred fans?

We are spoiled. Hockey writers in this town are spoiled (incredibly talented and spoiled). Through their first three home games, VGK averaged 18,033 fans which is 103.8% capacity.

Does anyone see a problem here?  I sure as hell do not.

I would be remiss if I did not say things are different at T-Mobile Arena this year. Robin Lehner is a great goalie but does not have the charisma that Marc Andre Fleury has. Be right back, putting a dollar in the swear jar. No one can mention Lehner without making an immediate comparison to Fleury. Every goal that Lehner allows, Fleury could have easily saved.

That is the vibe at T-Mobile Arena, at least. The energy is different, and fans are on edge, which is totally fair. Injuries and personal change are tough pills for any fanbase to swallow. I get it; year one was fun, and we had no expectations. Year two to present was Stanley Cup, or the year is a failure. VGK has spoiled us.

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the struggle, enjoy falling in love with new faces, and enjoy the feeling of walking into T-Mobile Arena or watching the games on the TV. We are lucky for what we have in Las Vegas and Henderson for professional hockey. Everything will be alright.

Go Knights, Go!!!


I look forward to having you back in the box for another “2-Minutes with Gawlik” next week right here on Franchise Sports Media.

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