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FSM Essential Recap: Davis vs Martin


Tank found his target to finish his 30th career fight victorious.


In Las Vegas, Nevada, at the T-Mobile Arena, Gervonta “Tank” Davis (30-0, 28 KO’s) returns for the first fight in 14 months. As he showed signs of ring rust, Davis made his impact known late into the fight. Frank “The Ghost” Martin (18-1, 12 KO’s) felt the pain as Davis landed multiple powerful punches to the head. Unable to vase through the pain, “The Ghost” fell victim to the power that “Tank” has displayed throughout his 30-fight career.


Main Event – Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin


Davis vs Martin | Franchise Sports Media
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In round one, you can see how aggressively Frank Martin wanted to start the fight. Using his size advantage and quick speed, Martin displayed a pace Davis struggled to handle. Though Davis could defend the attacks, he couldn’t land any countershots or significant damage, resulting in Martin winning the first round.

But based on previous Davis fights, he’ll start slow and build back up. In the second round, Davis began to locate Martin, landing multiple punches on the challenger in a nice sequence of events. But Martin was still the more aggressive fighter, putting him up two rounds.

Then, things started to get interesting as Martin continued to control the fight in rounds three and four. He kept using hit-and-run tacts on Davis, which resulted in some nice moments for the challenger, including a nasty overhand. This performance felt very unlike the champion. There were signs of ring rust, as Davis barely had anything going. Though concern should’ve set in, it didn’t matter for the champion as he’s been in these situations before. Davis looked poised, and he knew what to do.

Early into the fifth round, Martin still put the pressure on, though it wasn’t the same. He looked to have slowed down, which allowed Davis to take over. He started to land more clean shots, but more importantly, Davis controlled the ring. Martin was able to evade and land a couple of shots of his own, making it a close fifth round. 

In round six, Davis looked to have found his groove. The man was landing big shot after big shot. Martin was doing a good job defending Davis’ attacks, but he still left small openings that Davis took advantage of, wearing down Martin’s body in the process. Davis continued to build momentum as he dominated the seventh round. He was in complete control, and Martin had no answer to stop him, making the round a clear win for Davis.


Davis vs Martin | Franchise Sports Media
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Going into round eight, Martin returned to the more aggressive style he’d shown earlier in the fight. He looked to slow down Davis as he built momentum. It worked for a little, but once Davis had an opening, it became the beginning of the end. He pressured Martin, putting him into the corner, where he landed a flurry of strikes.

Davis closed it all out, landing a powerful left uppercut that stunned Martin. Davis threw one more punch for good measure, knocking out Martin.

As the ref called the fight, Davis got on top of the ropes to celebrate. He was playing to the crowd, getting them going. He finished up the celebration with a backflip off the top rope. Gervonta Davis won the fight by knockout at 1:29 in the eighth round. 

In his first title fight, Frank Martin had a solid performance not to be sad about. Early on, he had the right strategy. He utilized his height advantage and established a fast pace, which helped him win the first couple of rounds. But once Martin slowed down, it hurt him in the long run. Davis is too experienced, but there is hope that Martin can make a return for the belt.

For Gervonta Davis, it took time for him to get going, but he found it. Davis had another excellent performance, which shows why he’s one of the best in the sport. He adds to his legacy his 30th career win and 28th by knockout. With his next fight uncertain, many have stepped up to the plate to be the next to fight him. Former opponent Ryan Garcia came to the ring to talk to Davis, but their conversation seemed friendly. Plus, Garcia looks to have another opponent in mind. Also, WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson called out Davis on X and wants to settle their beef once and for all. 

So, with some super fights on the table, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next for Gervonta Davis.



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