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FSM Preview: Davis vs Garcia


One of the most highly anticipated showdowns takes place as Gervonta “Tank” Davis (28-0 26KOs) faces off against Ryan Garcia (23-0 19KOs) in Las Vegas.

Davis vs Garcia is finally happening!

Davis vs Garcia stare down
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Finally, two of the top boxers in the world step in the squared circle against each other to see who is the best.

In a classic match-up between puncher vs boxer, Davis vs Garcia is everything the sport of boxing needs, and it will have all the ingredients the fans want for a memorable bout. A fight that has been long rumored for several years was finally agreed to by both camps in February of 2023. It will be a joint Pay Per View event split between Showtime and DAZN.

Boxing was built off the best in the ring fighting each other to see who indeed prevailed. And while that tradition kept going forward, there was a period where it seemed the best fighting the best didn’t happen as often and would take years to come together, and by then, one, if not both, fighters were out of their primes. To see who truly is the better man became more of a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” conversation. In what seemed to be following this trend, as Davis and Garcia constantly danced around when they would actually square off, this bout is finally happening now. The news has that buzz back in the boxing world that was once music to our ears.

Davis vs Garcia is more than a hype fight, there is bad blood between them!

Two of the young faces in boxing put their undefeated records on the line as somebody’s 0 has got to go.

Davis vs Garcia is happening in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 22nd.

Davis vs Garcia Ryan Garcia
Photo Credit: Golden Boy Promotions

Ryan Garcia is out to prove he’s not just a pretty boy who can make cool videos on YouTube (part of Garcia’s fame has been from clips on social media showing off his hand speed). The 24-year-old is looking to solidify his place among boxing’s elite and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with as the present and future of boxing. Gifted with tremendous hand speed, Garcia will look to utilize his boxing skills to keep Davis on the outside with a jab and foot movement. Surprisingly enough, while he’s not given a lot of credit for it, Garcia does have a tremendous left hook that lays a nice thumping to his opponents when he connects. It’s a weapon he will look to unload on an aggressive Tank as he looks to shock the world.

Looking to make a statement, Garcia can employ his boxing technique to push this fight into the later rounds and win by points if he can stick to his game plan and avoid his opponent’s power. Speed and movement will be crucial for Garcia if he is to see his hand raised in victory. A stiff jab to keep his foe outside, movement, so the opposition can’t settle in and load up on power punches, and hand speed for combinations to stack points and hold his adversary at bay are all in Garcia’s wheelhouse. Add to those traits a left hook that, if landed, can be a difference maker, and the heart it takes to step into the fire and face the flames will all be elements that, if Garcia can put together, should see him prevail victorious in this highly anticipated bout.


Davis vs Garcia Gervonta Davis
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For Tank Davis, power has been and will be his key to success. With a 93% knockout rate, Davis will always be one of if not the hardest punchers his opponents will face. That intimidation, paired with his aggressive attacking style, causes problems for everyone he does battle with. Whether it’s early in bouts, middle rounds, or late, Davis has shown consistently that he can put his opponents to sleep with one of his bombs.

As he presses forward, constantly having his foes back peddling, his stalking method paints his challengers in a position against the ropes wear Tank can unload his ruthless power, which has proven time and time again to put the majority of those who stand in front of him down and out for the count. Being the shorter fighter, Davis will look to get inside and punish the body in hopes of slowing down Garcia as the rounds go on. If he can get early damage down inside, it’ll be the equivalent of having a water leak in the basement.

Soon enough, it will cause real damage, and then you’re in serious trouble. As much as Garcia has to prove, Davis is here to show why he is one of the most feared fighters in the ring regardless of weight class, and if there’s a challenger who thinks they can stand in front of him and survive, he’s out to prove them wrong.

Who is going to win Davis vs Garcia?

Davis vs Garcia is the big-time match we’ve been waiting for. Now it’s here, and it’s going to be a WAR!!!


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