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In this edition of The 70213 Lakers Podcast, Joe, Isaiah, Mike, and Kyle are happy that the Lakers have clinched the first seed. The guys talk about what the Lakers have done well, their most significant concerns, the playoffs, and memories of the Lakers‘ playoff drought. They ask and answer the burning question: Does the first seed matter with no home court? Who would you like to see the Lakers face in the first round? Can Anthony Davis keep being dominant? Will he continue it in the playoffs?

The Houston Rockets have not lost a game in the bubble, and James Harden is on fire after all the rest. Can they compete against a team such as the Lakers or Clippers? The New Orleans Pelicans have limited Zion Williamson‘s minutes a lot. Do the guys think they should be playing him more to get to the 9th seed? They are half a game down the Blazers and Spurs, who are currently tied for the 9th seed.

Finally, they look back at the CP3 trade getting voided, and in “Final Fantasy” who would win: Kobe and Shaq‘s Lakers championship teams vs. the 2017-18 Golden State Warriors.


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