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In this edition of Franchise Sports Media’s #70213 Lakers Podcast Joe Arrigo, Isaiah Torres, Mike Dancy II, and Kyle Randolph give #LakersNation the latest news, information, and #LakeShow analysis. They break down what they saw while the #Lakers played inside the #NBABubble. Will Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith make an impact playing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis? Will AD’s eye injury sideline him for an extended period of time, and what did JaVale McGee do to have them excited about him in the playoffs? Alex Caruso is Joe’s surprise “#KeyLaker” and the guys “Final Fantasy” this week is the 2001 Lakers vs the 2009/2010 Lakers. Lastly, how do the Lakers and Celtics histories compare to each other?

And one person gets a history lesson in Lakers lure.


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